Press release and detailed program for the CRO Conference

Press release and detailed program for the CRO Conference

The BVI Rastafari Turtle Dove Deliverance Organization is proud to host and  present the 9th CRO Conference which is being held at East End / Long Look Community Center Saturday Nov 1st thru Nov 8th, 2003.  Long Look is the oldest Afro Caribbean community, which was established when the first set of African slaves had freedom and the land was given in 1776. Long Look became a place of freedom for any slave that made it to that location. In 1834, 58 years later the African slaves that came to the Virgin Islands were emancipated.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Rastafari the Law & Human Rights” Is being presented also to get a better understanding of Rastafari movement in  relationship to the world at large and how we can collectively work together as a human race.

Some of the highlights of the conference is the celebration of the Repeal or Removal Law; The Immigration and Passport Order  (Prohibited Class of Persons) commonly known as the RASTA LAW which was in place from Dec 30th 1980 to August 2003 and has now been removed from BVI Law Books, Panel discussions on various topics such as Human Rights, Historical sites,

History of the Maroons in the BVI, Spiritual Growth, Education, Employment, Women & Rastafari, Regional Arts & Craft Showcase and live entertainment.

Closing the conference on November 8th, 2003 a Cultural Concert featuring Luciano, Dean Fraser and Mikey General and Jah Messenjah band live and  direct from Jamaica and the very first time in Tortola BVI, at the AO Shirley Recreational Grounds Doors 9pm / Showtime 10pm Luciano will be available for press and radio interviews on November 7, 2003. Also on the bill Out Of The Desert band from BVI and other local talent. Vendors welcome for information call 284- 499-1186


 The Rastafari Turtle Dove Deliverance organization  (RTDD)

 It is our belief that this conference will bring great benefit to the Rastafarian community and the territory as a whole as we seek to promote greater understanding and cooperation between Rastafarians and the local community.

Some of the specific benefits that we expect to realize from this conference include:

1. Good PR for the BVI which has been much maligned in the international community for its ban of visiting Rastafarians.  The conference will demonstrate that the BVI and its people do not believe in discrimination.

2. Establishment of a local Ethiopian Orthodox Church which will encourage spiritual discipline and order among the brethren and the greater community in BVI

3. Promotion of Economic Empowerment for Rastafari and the BVI community, in both territory and regional.

4. Development to promote Economic Empowerment, Positive Entertainment – Agriculture and Fisheries, Literary, Arts and Media, Entrepreneurship, Sports.

5.  To continue to dispel myths and misperceptions about Rastafari and a realization that the Rastafarian’s are productive Lawyers, Doctors, Business Owners, Teachers,   Skill Trade persons etc.


 O’ Deliver Not The Soul Of The Turtle Dove Unto The Multitude Of The Wicked Psalms 74:19