Press Release from the Western Massachusetts Rastafari Cultural Committee

Press Release from the Western Massachusetts Rastafari Cultural Committee

Dear Idren and Sistren,

Discussion: Repatriation

It is with great joy and much love I n I write to you this update as concerning the recent reasonings we have had with the OAARU AND IRIE, over the last three days we have had the opportunity to meet and reason with Ras Nathaniel and Ras Jaberi concerning  H.I .M  visit to the United States in 1954. and upcoming plans for a jubilee summit in Chicago tentatively from June 1st to June 14th of 2004.

These meetings were attended by members of the WMRCC, Ras Ravin-I, Ras Bongo Bush-I, Ras trinity, Ras Denroy Morgan jr, Sister Marcie and Sister Jharna, who met with the visiting idrens on Wednesday night (15th) in Greenfield , Massachusetts, and again on Friday (17th) specific questions were raised and an investigation into the concerns and needs of Rastafari involved in the repatriation movement  was taken to the table, out of these meetings we saw the need to for the Rastafari  nation to link the chain together as this is a most important works that would involve all of I n I across the united states and the world at large if we are to realize the vision of repatriation. The meeting was both very informative and cordial as we sat down it was below 15 degree weather outside.

The WMRCC delegation arrived at the decision that it was most important to identify and address the proper organization of repatriation and examine all the parameters surrounding its effectiveness, one of the key factors of this examination was the need for the houses of Rastafari to see the need for taking a census of I n I people in the United States and the world at large, thereby identifying by process of elimination the exact amount of services I n I will need in a repatriation exercise, also the departments and offices of duties to be performed, one of these exercises will be the need to have a correspondent  or correspondents on the ground in Africa (perhaps the need for one in every major city) the duties of these correspondents will be discussed and developed as soon as we have sealed up the inification process, the WMRCC delegation feels comfortable in its decisions to collaborate with IRIE AND OAARU and any other house that accepts in good faith and see the need to issemble I n I for repatriation, we also stress the need for the houses of Rastafari here in the United States to issemble and conduct a valid and proper census that will determine the needs and wants of a repatriation movement.

The WMRCC , as outlined in the IRIE STAR ORDER 5 YEAR PLAN, will submit a regional report to IRIE  Jubilee planning committee and also to form and commit to sending a delegation to the Jubilee conference in June of 2004. these reports are due by March 5th of 2004, WRMCC strongly encourages all Rastafari Mansions families and individuals to submit the same, this information is highly important to determine the logistics of the conference and the proper care and accommodations of the delegates, your participation is highly important to this process.

WMRCC will also organize and work with the House of Rastafari of Brockton, Massachusetts, to ensure the newspapers coverage of H.I.M visit to the United States, including H.I.M trip to Boston on June 2nd 1954 is documented and sent to IRIE.

The WRMCC endorses and have agreed to willing cooperation to the process of repatriation in collaboration with IRIE and the OAARU and we are committed to sending a delegation to Chicago in June 2004. May the blessing and the love of I n I father be with I n I in our decisions.

One Blessed and Heartical love

H.I.M Haile Selassie 1st

Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Judah

Ras Ravin-I Coordinator WMRCC