Progress towards Inity

Progress towards Inity

This is a response to InI fellow King in a Azania groundation as to InI Azania Rastafari progress regarding the global Inity which as charity begins in a home InI did find it necessary to set up the foundation of Inity at home with the establishment of the RNCI. The RNCI has been conceived for the purpose of centralizing Rastafari in Azania under one umbrella body that will be able to affiliate with the Global/International organization of Rastafari Inity as well as submission of its required number of Delegates to the Rastafari Global Secretariat as well as implementation of the Five Star Order Plan, the only delegate to our Azania hosted Global Inity conference of last year November, and the Twenty Two Proposals since identified by the Ancients to smooth InI rocky yarding.

The Interim committee of the RNCI was established, however a follow through is hereby being proposed to without any further waste of time come up with the finalization of the process emerging with a well representative structure of the RNCI embodiment of all mansions, structures, organizations and individuals Rastafari community existent in Azaznia.

The BSPM is the instrument of Rastafari taking over from Babylon shitstem here down South in a Azania. Theocracy Reign which is the government upon InI shoulder as Sons and Dawtas of the Almighty Jah created and anointed to rule with HIM, has to follow the logical processes that are established on Earth to take over and establish government. Theocracy must Reign and the BSPM has been established for that purpose.

During 2001 when we Rastafari in Azania approached the Office of the United Nations to negotiate the Repatriation and the Repatriation and Reparation Process for the people who want to repatriate to SA, and to canvass support from the UN to assist us to identify and initiate Diaspora/Africa Repatriation and Reparations organizations for mutual working relationship, we were informed that the Rastafari Organization in SA is not a government and only the government can claim repatriation.

We told UN that we shall come back as Azania government and as the AU to claim all people our African people taken captive, exiled and incarcerated in foreign lands back home. As a government InI responsibility is Repatriation first on the Agenda as no actual and meaningful Reconstruction and Ivelopment of InI Azania Land and Africa in general cannot be initiated until all of InI are home. BSPM has been established by the Prophet, the Healing Marcus Mosaiah Garvey as a wagon to ferry Africa forward home and to let Africa restore his fallen foundation.

Therefore BSPM is for the same purpose. The programmes of BSPM are repatriation orientated ranging from educational and cultural exchanges, historical and emancipatory visionary experiences exchanges and so on, that are aimed at making Africa ready to integrate with fellow Africa as well as the socio economic practical integration, the securing of the land which more than 70% in still in the ownership of foreign invaders etc.

More Love InI

Judgment Papa Cool 

Here follows a response to Bingi Ita:

Greetings and perfection of Love in Jah name still

InI give thanks to hear from the I bredrin. InI is troubled by the period of time that has been taken before coming forward with RNCI program of action for this InI millennium 2007. InI anticipation was to have been already embarked on the implementation of what has been set forward in InI program. Not just a mere anticipation but coupled with a proposal working document that purported to provoke the attention and focus of ones and ones into a guided yarding of InI in concretizing what has been accomplished as a blessing unto InI in this amageddon iwa.

The accomplishment of the establishment of the RNCI is a major breakthrough in the history of InI Rastafari family of Azania . As man an’ man who has been part of several initiatives in pursuit of a meaningful Inity of Rastafari sons and dawtas in Mzantsi through organizing, centralizing and structuring, InI found the achievement of RNCI as a constructive wayforward that must be nourished by concerted heavily committed focused efforts. The fruits of the 16th of June Theocratic Issembly of Grasmere as cemented by the fulfillment on the 23rd of July as well as the Global Inity Conference have given Rastafari in Azania a new shape in terms of direction and focus.

The duty is upon InI shoulders now to prosper the RNCI trough the implementation of the program that is set forward in time as Jah time is now. InI was give a proposal with possible target dates to be able to manage InI activities in discharge of InI program. That is basically to utilize this InI millennium to the laying of the proper foundation for the complete and firm administration of the RNCI to half the obligations, duties and responsibilities entrusted in the RNCI by its constituency the Rastafari masses of InI Mzantsi.

InI must not allow InI attention and focus to be deviated from what InI have embarked on and have already seen the success of it, by trivial misdirected energies that can only harm the progress of Rastafari against the voluntary duty of throwing one stone. What is important for InI is to look upon InIselves and enquire into InI capabilities of the best that InI can do in contribution to the Idemtion of InI from Babylon shitstem as the shepherd of the pasture of InI Father.

Sister Makeda informed InI that she has sent the proposal the members of RYI and RUM along with the invitation to the Mamelodi Reasoning Gadaring of the 10th of February with anticipation that the proposed program of action will be evaluated, reviewed and finetuned to be finally adopted as an RNCI working document for immediate implementation. Unfortunately the attendance of the said gadaring was poor and the expected members of RUM, RYI, Black Starliner Peoples Movement, Rastafari Union, Rasco as well as the Interim National Executive Committee of the RNCI were not present. That presented a major set back to the proposed wayforward as outlined in the proposed RNCI Program of Action – 2007, as a follow through of the Global Inity Conference.

Among other thing in the proposed program of Action which I am not in possession of the copy hereof at this point in time are:

  • RNCI Provincial Roadshows – the process was to embark on a consultative process of engaging with provinces that will there and then culminate into the establishment of formal and legitimate fully constituted provincial structure which must have a physical address, postal address and/or email address, telephone contact numbers for the effective and efficient administering of its office. The intention was to identify provinces and livicate the February, Black History and March, Humanity rights month to such provincial visits and to Launch the National structure of RNCI in celebration of the fruits of the visits to provinces during the Visit of His Imperial Majesty Jah Rastafari on the 21 of April 2007.
  • Going parallel with provincial visits was formal engagement with established mansions within Azania in pursuit of the same objective, to complete the process from the Interim Committee towards the fullness in terms of the Nyahbingi Mansion, Twelve Tribes of Israel, the Bobo Ashanti, the Melchizedek Order, the Ithiopian Orthodox and any other mansion existent in Azania to presenting forward a particular number of delegates to be agreed upon, who will constitute the National Executive Committee of the Rastafari National Council for Inity of Mzantsi.
  •  Alongside the above processes and within the same targeted period of iwa is also the Omega balance and the Yout. InI is very pleased by the clear Iverstanding of the Yut that they are not Inited and could not wait for whom, whom to do what what for them and wish to pick themselves up to the establishment of the fully representative RNCI National Youth Council. That also requires the identification of the Yut who will in discharge of the provincial roadshows duty emerge with provincial youth structures as well as provincial delegates to the National Executive Committee to be launched on the visit of HIM. The dawtas of Zion as well should embark on the same process within the same time frame and present its complete structures to be paraded to the Azania Rastafari masses during the visit of Him. It is worth mentioning the disappointment that Iman was encounter regarding the approach of some of the sisters who insisted that there is an RNCI National Sisters (Omega) Council and presented an argument over their mandated and legitimate existence while Rasco was volunteering to sponsor their provincial Roadshows that were to see them coming up with formal structures. That kind of attitude is found to be disturbing as it prevent pursuit of what must be accomplished by a false pretence of ones and ones of having what they know that they do not have and become obstacles towards achieving that objective.
  •  Identification and consultation with various structures of Rastafari existent in Azania with a view to identifying and consolidating structures pursuing common objectives with full respect, and great honour to efforts of every structure and individuals who have been active in their Rastafari yarding in Mzantsi, as well as creating a formal and collective fullticipation of every Rastafari member in the upliftment and progression of the Rastafari family within Azania.
  • The skills Audit is also one of the envisaged process that was to see InI identifying, nourishing and creating a platform for skills transfer to establish a firm Rastafari self reliant and self sustainable Ivelopment that will see Rastafari family dependant upon itself and being able to contribute towards the general Mzantsi community Ivelopment. Unemployment is rife in Mzantsi, discrimination of Rastafari on various basis at all spheres of community social living and the success of the Babylon shitstem into turning Zion into becoming a dependant of Babylon from ital to everything in daily living. All these compels InI to identify and make good use of the multiple skills that Jah Rastafari has blessed InI with to be self sufficient in terms of creating industries, farming and whatever skills available within Rastafari to be nourished.
  • The formal introduction of the Black Starliner Peoples Movement and itsm, state of affairs, its registration during 2004 with the IEC, its vision, mission, aims and objectives, its manifesto as well as its preparation for Dreadlock to take over the government of South Africa in 2009. Since InI Rastafari prior to the RNCI Inity initiative, have been involved in various drives and pursuit to chant down Babylon.and free InIselves to the fulfillment and administration of InI levity in accordance with the Law, Commandments and the Will of the Most High which well kept guarantees man ’an man to a levity of non transgression of the law of man made, Black Starliner Peoples Movement has been re-established from the prophecy and foundation laid down by Marcus Mosiah Garvey, the healing. The BSPM is a consolidation of the Black Starliner Steamship Repatriation and Unia visions of setting Africa man free, independent and sovereign in a him own groundation where Jahovah the Almighty Rastafari created InI Africans and loved InI to be in a this ya InI land.

However all is not lost, InI proposal for now will be that we should convene a meeting as a matter of urgency where InI must come up with the 2007 Program of Action targeting 25 May, Africa Liberation day as a due date for the launch so that on the 23 July in Grasmere we establish the RGS and the unfolding of the activities of the RNCI as well as setting up the further action plans of the RNCI.

This Black History month has been characterized celebrations across the country in honour of the legendary prophet Robert Nesta Bob Marley, the country was also blessed with the presence of the Marley family which is still in captivity awaiting repatriation from colonial slavery. InI we give thanks for the fulticipation of Rastafari everywhere in upholding the Highness and the mightiness of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I Jah Rastafari. However it must be noted that there has been incident of Police brutalization of Rastas, destruction of the groundation and tabernacles of Rastafari, disruptions of churchical services as well as the arrests of members of the Rastafari community in various provinces around the country.

Such kind of persecutions always makes InI to lift up InI Iditations on the Black Starliner Peoples Movement as the only solution to all this pollution and makes InI to remember that InI Father is a ruler and have been created and anointed to rule with HIM on His righteousness hand than to cry about the wrath of Babylon whereas the solution is upon InI shoulder.

Let Rastafari arise and all InI enemies be scattered all over and perish

Jah time is now

Blessed Love

Judgment Papa Cool