Ras Junior Manning passes forward

Ras Junior Manning passes forward

Blessed Greetings Rastafari:

We, the Executives of the Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council regret to announce again the passing of another Member of the Council. While our ancient Ras Cliffen Thomas was being laid to rest yesterday, Sunday, we were sadly informed that our Chairman Ras Junior Manning passed away late afternoon having been ailing for several months.

Ras Junior Manning was also a Member of the Administration Council of the Nyahbinghi House and Chairman of the Nyahbinghi Order at Pitt Four. He was the Editor of ‘Rasta Vibration’ magazine and former editor of the ‘Rastafari International News’ which was one of the leading Rastafari Newspaper in circulation.

As we prepare for the 47th Anniversary of the Coral Gardens ‘Bad Friday’ Event, a deep void has now been cast over this years celebration. Not only was Ras Junior Manning the champion organizer for this event, he had been “a Rastafari Ambassador-at-Large” for the Community’s representation. He was apart of the launching of Power 101 FM – Radio Malawi and was a presenter on the Programme for several years before returning to Jamaica to continue his works for Rastafari.

He was a Member of the current National Reparations Commission advocating the Rights for the Rastafari people. The Community has lost one of its visible leader and brother in the Faith. He will be sadly missed by ALL.

We the Executives express our condolences to his family and close friends in their moment of grief.

Please advise members of the Rastafari Family. Further information will be passed unto the Community as we receive it.

One Perfect Love.


Ras Howard Wright, Act. Chairman