Ras Touzah Jah-Bash – trod to the Isles of Curacao and Aruba

Ras Touzah Jah-Bash – trod to the Isles of Curacao and Aruba

Greetings & Blessings in the Name of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I the First

Blessed Love to all ones,

INI wish to inform de I dem about INI last trod to the Isles of Curacao and Aruba. I man arrived in Curacao, Friday the 2nd of January at 10.20 pm I man received a warm welcome and pleasant accommodation.


The 1st day seat in reasonment with the Brother Asurara chair person of the Lion of Judah Assembly.


The 2nd day reasonment continue through out the Sabbath day. Ironing out all differences and agreeing upon the grounds INI share in common.


The 3rd day, Sunday afternoon all ones gathered at a small forest park where a number of about ten brethren and one sisthren and some children, all members of the organization “Lion of Judah Assembly”, who is now officially a new member of CRO. The brother Asurara presented I man to the gathering explaining the reason and purpose of I man presence in Curacao.

Then the fire word was in INI hands to deliver. INI fulltake a proper layout of INI works in St-Martin with the Solidarity Foundation and of INI alliance with the CRO as Co-Chairman to the Joint Secretariat along with the WNCAR based in Antigua occupying the Chair seat by Ras FrankI. I man also stated been a member of the EWF Yemikelakel from Martinique Local #7, also been recognized consultant of the Ancients Council of Jamaica.

I man explained the aims, goals and objectives of the CRO followed up by a report on the Global Reasoning, also a report on the CRO 9th Conference in Tortola, finalizing with a report on the EWF Gathering in Martinique and INI last exchanges with Junior Negus from the Ancient Council.

First hard question: Is the CRO affiliated with Jamaica ?
I man answered that INI are in constant contact with Bobo Arthur, Chair person of the Global Reasoning, on regular basis. I man also stated that INI are in communication with the international coordinator of the Ancient Council of Jamaica, Junior Negus ; and that Ras Miguel Lorne is an executive member of the CRO.

2nd question : What is the situation of the host committee after a conference is over ? What is CRO contribution in regard to the bills left behind?

3rd question : What is CRO doing for the problem of National Unity ?
INI explained the full advantage INI have in uniting on ground that INI share in common, but also laying out and highlighting some of the difficulties that slows down the process of ones coming together.
INI stated that unity on a national level is possible only when a proper plan of action is taken in that direction, there must be some ground work already put in place so that the mission can be achieved by proper timing; time is key. We are so different, yet one ! Uniformity is not variety, but variety can bring unity.

4th question: Does the CRO help set up small businesses by financially supporting them?

Many more questions followed about the 7 sacraments and one of the Brother from Jamaica asked that his baby be sanctified. There was also a brother and his queen that asked to be a member of the EWF, INI directed them towards Martinique.

Then INI set a date for the Sanctification of the Baby on the 16th of January.
INI proceed by calling High Priest and Ras Trini that they should join INI in Curacao and in Aruba to go through the Sanctification of baby Menyelik.

However the Brethrens of Curacao of the Lion of Judah Assembly confirm that they have no interest in “Title” or “Order” meaning they are not or neither: Binghi – Twelve Tribes – Orthodox – EWF – Bobo Shanty – they prefer to say RasTafari. The Session went well and Ila full. One Family showed great interest in going to St. Thomas Gathering.



On the 9th of January, I man went on for a gathering in Aruba with the Brother Ras Ricardo and his family to reason on the possibilities of them been baptized. I man settle in, reason out the matter full time with the Idren and family; who all together form a reggae group (Ila Band) that has just released a CD. A very powerful brother, well knowledgeable, can be a great strength to CRO and INI Rastafari Nation universally ; he stated to INI that he will be a member of CRO with his entire family : he is then seeking for a family registration form.


On Tuesday the 13th, High Priest and Ras Trini joined I man in Aruba.


On the following day, Wednesday 14th, was the date set for the baptism at 3.00 pm. 10 ones were baptized (8 brethrens including children and 2 sisthrens). The ceremony was a blessed one, well sacred and touching. INI proceeded to the family home where INI celebrated the occasion and gave Thanks to the Most High



On the following day, Thursday 15th, INI along with High Priest and Trini had to prepare to trod back to Curacao where INI was to sit in a RasTafari gathering, at the Cultural Center from 7.00 to 10.00 pm, for a Panel Presentation. I man Jah-Bash was to speak about the Aims & Objectives of the CRO and also to answer on open questions. High Priest spoke about Solidarity Churchical Foundation and the Order of the Congregation.

The Reasonment began with the Brother Asurara opening the ceremony and also presenting I Bash, High Priest Ras Fayaco and Ras Trini to the whole Gathering.

Some Questions : What is INI doing for Education ?
What is INI doing for the sick?
What is INI doing for the family unit?
And what is INI doing for our passed loved ones?

There were many more questions. The Brethrens quest for more knowledge, more teachings and more Brethrens & Sisthrens to trod and visit them. Those Isles (Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire) that INI seek to inite with are also in the Caribbean!

The whole session went well, there are many brethrens in Curacao who have demanded the unction of Baptism. However it is scheduled for a later date. INI visit to Curacao has brought about a more clear vision pertaining to the RasTafari calling in this ya iwa.


On the next day at 10.00 am, Friday the 16th, High Priest, I Bash and Ras Trini perform the sanctification of Baby Menyelik at his parents home, Brother Ras Robert & Sister Charmain. This ceremony also was blessed and sanctified by the Most High – JAH RASTAFARI HAILE SELASSIE I.

Then INI take High Priest to the airport at 3.00 pm to go back to Aruba to reside with his family as Aruba is his birthplace. I man Bash and Ras Trini were brought to the airport at 6.00 pm to leave for St. Martin.


I man give Thanks to the Most High, asking Him to bless richly the Brother Asurara & his Empress Cheryl of Curacao, likewise the Brother Ricardo, his Empress Taina, the whole Croes Familly & Ila Band of Aruba, for their pleasant hospitality and all the good care and good will and spirit to commune and doing good to loved ones. Likewise giving thanks for taking care of the plane tickets fees to go to the Isle of Curacao and of Aruba. Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Most High.

I man also send out blessings to the Lion of Judah Assembly and all other Brethrens & Sisthrens in Curacao that make up the household of His Imperial Majesty. INI say Keep the fire burning !

Until the Most High appoint I&I&I
Blessings – One Perfect Love

Ras Touzah Jah-Bash
CRO Co-Chairman