Rasta and Politics | Message from Gideon Zebulon

Rasta and Politics | Message from Gideon Zebulon

A Rasponse to Rasta and Politics | Reasoning from Ras Ravin

Greetings to 1 & all in the Divine name of His Imperial Majesty,

I do give thanks for reading such needed words by Ras Ravin. Rasta bredda & dawtas worldwide… the time is now or never… so WAKE UP!!

Ras Ravin is right on stressing the importance of a spiritual overstanding of these times and of a mystical conception of JAH creator… In this, all Rasta agree is the way to Fulfillment & Salvation. For His will alone shall redeem the oppressed in Babylon. Yet, ever since I visited Zion Ethiopia… ever since I heard such wisdom by many Rasta… ever since I read the knowledge given unto I & I by our Abba JAHnoy and his wonderful counsel… I ask all you rasta out there… ¿why do you listen and obey certain teachings from His Majesty and ignore as non-sense the rest?

His Majesty ORDERS you to organize properly… I’m not talking about mansions, Bobo or 12 tribes or Nyabinghi… all that deals with the ever important role of Spiritual overstanding… but His Majesty, and Marcus Garvey, and Kwame Nkrumah and so many others… they ORDER all of us to use the scarce resource to organize. No.. the seas will not open and bring you to Zion, neither shall Jamaica sink under the sea… It will be the mental strength of all Rasta out there.. this will bring you to Zion and this alone shall crumble Babylon.

That’s the truth with Rasta today, and anyone offended by such remark should look deep within and be honest… Face the truth, do not be scared… His Majesty worked political and so did Marcus Garvey… To perform political acts with no concience of our Lord Creator is foolish… yet, I have studied many religion and faith over time and none have impressed me as much as Rasta… so its time for Rasta to move beyond the talking, the discussing, “is this Jah or maybe it is that”, “is Shashamani for EWF or is Shashamani for 12 tribes”. Stop it!! Nuff talking division, His Majesty seh so, read his words, study his example.. and once again… WAKE UP!! The Rasta nation worldwide must stop talking foolishness… For example, it DOES NOT MATTER who runs the Shashamani land grant as long as no real organized effort is put into developing the project from the Diaspora.

The crucial battle for Rasta today is to live up to its own expectations. Rasta must organize into ONE BODY that represents its immediate political objectives, which are those that the Honorable Marcus Garvey fight for, those for which His Majesty battled against the world… Development of Mother Africa under sustainable projects together with Black Repatriation NOW! This alone matters, and this alone shall be attained under Faith & Work… for the moment, I only see faith. The next step… WORK, is a must, and it is a must NOW. Marcus Garvey did not inspire milions under his UNIA flag by just talking mystical, nor did His Majesty lead the way for Ethiopia by praying.

They worked, and they did so by political thinking.

This is not I word neither it is I wisdom, I do not claim to be so clever. This, my beloved Rasta nation worldwide, is the word and instruction revealed to us by Jah.

Blessed love to all of you,

Gideon Zebulun