Rastafari 2003 : Global Reasoning and Beyond

Rastafari 2003 : Global Reasoning and Beyond

“Rastafari 2003 Global Reasoning at Jamaica´s U.W.I. (Mona) should be considered a success despite an apparent failure to meet lofty ideals.

Bredrin & Sistrin radiated regal splendor in the 7 days leading up to Ises on the 111th earthstrong manifestation of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I. During one of many high spirited moments the great Mortimo Planno mystically addressed number 111 by saying: “I&I…and I is the third eye”. Viewed from another angle one may also add hindSIGHT, foreSIGHT, and I-SIGHT. See the genius of a scattered nation reconstructing a glorious theocratic order and civilization.

If a delegate says the Global Reasoning, which covered a wide range of topics (15), was mentally fulfilling, it would be an understatement. However, it is important to underline the fact that a resolution to select an “Action Plan Committee” may have been diluted.

A plan of action for socio-economic development throughout the diaspora is to reactivate Marcus Garvey´s self reliance project. With some foresight and initiative, a dispersed nation is positioned to restore “The Black Star Line” fleet. Thus, in addition to operating the potentially profitable transport of cargo around the world, the fleet must also contemplate the qualitative repatriation of approximately 144,000 faithful over a 2 year period.

How? with a compelling appeal, a tactical crew are to recruit an affluent few (in a manner designed to achieve a charter of incorporation). For that purpose, an unconditional committment from every organization and mansion is to be pursued. The subsequent publication of a prospectus should include an updated blueprint of The Black Star Line, Inc. outlining:

A comprehensive market survey for goods and services production/distribution.
Guidelines in corporate enfranchisement, finance, insurance, management, etc.
The legal ramifications of maritime transportation.
Diasporic blacks cannot afford the luxury of waiting for compensatory repatriation from the colonial procrastinators. Many if not most wealthy reggae artists/lyricists do chant in favor of Ipatriation. They, being the most suitable investors in the new Black Star Line venture, are to act according to their musical word sound; Or, to borrow from a crude cliché: “put up or shut up”.

Barry G, a 70´s and 80´s Jamaican radio personality, succintly advanced part of that challenge with a question posed in a 1996 newspaper article: “¿who among the present crop of entertainers is really ready to form enterprises and mergers to get a bigger piece of the pie?”.

Now, provided the next Global Reasoning reconvenes, say in 2004 or 2005, an Action Plan Committee would report to the formally installed Secretariat in order to coordinate implementation.


Ras Carlos Seales