Rastafari Agricultural Development in Jamaica

Rastafari Agricultural Development in Jamaica

Hola Blessing Rastafari Family:

InI give thanks and Ises for the road that H.I.M.s Haile Selassie I and Empress Woizero Menen I paved for InI to Trod to Zion.

…”For the development of Our economy which is primarily agricultural, it is our belief that there is no better method than that of modernizing the present agricultural practices and thereby improve the standard of living of Our people”… H.I.M. on Agriculture
On Jan. 22, a gathering of Rastafari farmers met at the Rastafari Undernet Center, in St. Anna Bay, town of Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

The gathering was to reason on the present situation of the economy condition of Rastafari on a global scale. Ones and ones realized that agriculture must be the main thrust to advance the economic situation of the family.

The outcome of the reasoning is as follows:

1. A Rastafari farmers association must be organize in Jamaica and request the membership of the family on a global scale. So, an interim working committee was form to organize, in order to present a island wide organic farming proposal to the Director of the Organic Framing Program in Jamaica, Dr. Joseph Lindsay, appointed by the JA Ministry of Agriculture.

2. A name was selected for the organization which is Rastafari Organic Farmers Association (ROFA).

3. The working committee will meet once a month to coordinate InI effort in developing strategies to implement organic farming under the certification of the JA Ministry of Agriculture.

4. An island wide gathering is schedule for Feb. 12, with Rastafari farmers to plan, organize and coordinate ROFA working plan for the next five years.

5. A meeting is schedule to meet Dr. J. Lindsay on Feb. 15, at the Rastafari Undernet Center to present ROFA InI proposal on organic farming.

7. ROFA will be registered as an subsidiary of the Ethiopian World Federation (EWF) Chapter 17.

I will keep the family informed of development of ROFA as soon as information is at hand. I hope this information bring joy to the hearts of the family and give the necessary support to push InI organic programs on an international level. The proposal that will be presented is the same proposal that came out of the Panama Rastafari Summit.

“Agriculture is a sacred task.” H.I.M on Agriculture.



Ras Sela

Psalm 137