Rastafari Ancients Farming Project

Rastafari Ancients Farming Project

PROJECT’S AIM: Organic farming to provide food supply for Rastafari Elders in need. Food will not be for sale

The Rastafari Ancients Farming Project is the answer to different needs that the Elders of the Rastafari Community and Jamaica’s Society at large face today.

Many Rastafari I-ncients have enormous difficulties regarding health and daily living that often lead to malnutrition. This dangerous condition is the base for many diseases that are affecting the Elders.

Here comes the Rastafari Ancients Farming Project that will provide the possibility for Rastafari Elders to have an ongoing source of organic and clean food to share amongst those in needs.

In the green and lush location of Pitfour Granville (Montego Bay, Jamaica) on a very fertile land, vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants will be grown.

The farm products will be divided amongst those more in need in the local Rastafari Elders group. Rastafari Ancients lacking of food provision will be identified by the Project Coordinator and helped with food supply.

PROMOTERS: Ras Flako (Wisemind Publications), Ras Ibi, Ras Julio (Livity Creations), Ras Dario (Wisemind Publications Italy)

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