Rastafari I-velopments in Cuba

Rastafari I-velopments in Cuba

His Ivine Majesty Haile Selassie I Rastafari

Greetings to each one of InI, hard workers of the Most High, blessings be with InI Itinually. InI are here to share with the beloved ones the great news of prosperity and ivelopment. The Rastafari House in Cuba have been established officially against all odds. When InI says officially means officially to the eyes of the Most High His Ivine Majesty Haile Selassie the 1st. The rest of the plan is about dealing with the system to recover the dignity and power that had been given to Rastafari naturally.

The mystical journey turned into a magnificence way of the Most High to teach InI, to guide InI for the fulfillment of the holy plans. Is a great joy to declare that the mission have been a great success for everyone that was part and still is of the Rastafari Revolution. For seven days in the face of babylon the mystical congregation traveled together with the binghi drums from the west (InI started from Havana city where we were 32 people, between man, women and children) to the east of the island (InI did end the journey in the town of El Cobre by the mountains in the province of Santiago de Cuba where we were 61 people in total) and settled by the river, in the mountains, where the water falls, and burned down Babylon and chanted ises to the Most High Haile Selassie I Rastafari. With the blessings of Nature, Mother Earth, Rastafari established and settled a way of functioning to gain the power that is needed to re-establish the values of Goodness and Peace. The Congregation decided to call the national House as Organización de Centralización de Rastafari (Organization for the Centralization of Rastafari ), in each province are located a local house, and each one of the houses are linked with the national Committee.

The Community knows that is a lots of works to do, InI people there have been kept in the extreme absence for knowledge of how to organize in the spiritual matters. Still, InI in Cuba got a very good advantage, that is the no-existence of the different houses, with the different criteria. There is not the problems of who is more right than the other, or who is the right one to lead or not. InI in Cuba have established the Rastafari House open for anyone of InI brothers and sisters, Boboshanti, Nyahbinghi, 12 Tribes, Ethiopia World Federation Inc, and the others houses, or institutions that function as Rastafari; united in one voice: RASTAFARI. That is the essence, to gather the positives talents that InI have in common and put it together for the fulfillment of His’ plans. For the International Community of Rastafari is very important to acknowledge the situation of InI family in Cuba. Due to the economical problems there is a lack of many things that here in the west are not difficult to obtain. The Rastafari artists suffer for the difficulties (many time impossibilities) to find materials to work with, the musicians have a great problem to find instruments and equipments together with the great difficulties to survive, literally. InI will be very gratefull of any contributions that different organizations can give humbly to the Rastafari Community in Cuba. InI in Cuba are ready to work in conjuntion with the International Community of Rastafari. Great help is needed and great help can be given.
Testimony of the journey and glory exists in video and photography. When is possible will be distributed. Meanwhile, InI continue the works and rejoice from the fruits of that.
Beloved ones, hard workers, give thanks for the great inspiration that the works bring to InI, blessings be with the InI family Itinually,
Blessed Love.

Sister Lily Mihirete Amlak