Rastafari meditation on the birth in the history of Israel

Rastafari meditation on the birth in the history of Israel

Israel is the firstborn of God.

He was born when he came out of the land of Egypt where he suffered because of chains and spiritual loneliness.
There he was a slave.
He lost his hope dreaming of freedom, he fought every instant to defend his identity and only through his freedom, he achieved his birth.
Running away in fact, he became the protagonist of God’s plan.
After the escape, the desert was his childhood; the ‘child’ Israel was educated with the Law.
It is not by chance in fact that in the Jewish tradition Mount Sinai is called ‘my mother’s house’ because just like a mother the Law has provided for this unique child especially in the first part of his life.
Like a child in the presence of his father, Israel makes mistakes but also good things.
Israel is praised but also punished, he is encouraged and hearten, he is in good health but sometimes he gets sick.
The Lord as a good father also supports him with physical food. Through the accuracy of the Law and the example of the Patriarchs, he guides him gradually.

The Almighty then chooses David who will give birth to the kingdom of God on Earth.
This is a new birth, a father-son election where David is led towards something he does not know.
Just like young children who have to rely on their parents because they have no other way of measuring the world and life itself.
In fact, David is chosen as a very young man.
He is educated with promises just as we do with children.

From David comes Solomon who generates Menelik I and from him the lineage of the true Israel will begin.
If we look carefully at Menelik for a moment, we can see a son who is far from his father for many years.
Until the adult age, he remains with his mother, dreams, and yearns to know his father.
He is fascinated and intrigued because he is aware of the greatness of his own father.
Menelik represents the man conscious of the greatness of the Father Creator but still too far from Him, he aspires to Him and is thirsty for His greatness but cannot reach him yet.
It is no by coincidence that only when Menelik I will be finally reunited with his father Solomon then will officially begin the new Alliance with the true Israel-Ethiopia.
This will be caused by the moving of the Ark towards the South.
Just like the human being who re-connect with the Almighty begins a new life, a new era, a new election.

When Mankind is ready, God establishes a new birth, no longer through human succession but this time is God generating God.

The Creator generates Iyasos Krestos in the fullness of the divine plan, divine power concentrated in a human person. Divine will and plan are openly manifested through this birth.
Christ is born as the element of perfect balance in Creation. He is born among his own people, among humans but yet close to animals.
This happened because He reigns over close and distant men, but also on the animal kingdom.
He is the hinge between Heaven and Earth. Christ came to share His unique state.
We the human beings are a bit like Him … we all are children just as He is a son, like a big brother He shows us the way to our common Father.
Christ spiritually generates disciples-children who subsequently enlighten and awaken people by sharing their Divine filiation and recognize themselves as new men born from the Word and the Spirit.

Here is a new birth.

As every being needs a seed to be born, here is the Word as the new seed that generates the new man.
Together with the Word there is the Spirit that strengthens it and makes it perceptible, creating a new and regenerated Mankind that can now claim the right to eternal and divine inheritance.
This new generation is born from an incorruptible and timeless seed and can finally take part to the New Creation.

After two thousand years, the Son of Man returns to earth to fulfil the vital promises: he comes to establish the moral and physical Kingdom for which he has previously prepared His sons-brothers.
In the new birth of His Imperial Majesty Qadamawi Haile Selassie, we contemplate the last and definitive salvific birth that leads us to Eternity with a new role: Mankind in fact now is collaborator of God, rules with Him.
Israel, the ancient child, was once generated, then educated and now has an occupation just as all adults have. Since the Revelation of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie The First, Mankind works with God for the final edification of His Kingdom.

In the new Covenant with the new spiritual Israel, namely Ethiopia and the Rastafari Movement, the Creator sits at the same table of government.
This last birth has therefore generated the last mission for the definitive happiness and wellbeing of the human race.
With the Coronation of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie The First in 1930 the final birth occurred and we know that according to Christian tradition, every birth has to have a baptism.
In that occasion, the new people were baptized and anointed with the new name.
It is not coincidence that at the same time His Majesty Ras Tafari Makonnen took on His divine and baptismal name Qadamawi Haile Selassie, Ian’ I became “the Rastafari” taking on the human name of our Father.

Ian’I Rastafari are the living testimony of a mystical, spiritual and intellectual birth, day after day we remain devoted to celebrate life.
Ian’I are born again through Word Sound and Power to be a new life every day regenerated by the Power of the Holy Trinity.
Birth is the daily experience that we live in every moment, every day the covenant regenerates us and the Spirit marks our life moments. We are warriors, protectors of life, confident and sure of the victory of good over evil.
We are like recipients of birth because through our reflections and meditations we outline the parameters of the new Kingdom.

We are children and parents.
Living this Rastafari Way of Life we manifest and keep alive the Livity. In a sense, it is as if we keep generating the Livity every day through our own experience.
At the same time, we are nourished and we learn from the same Rastafari Livity, we are servants yet custodians of a conduct of life that has the power to redeem and save our very soul.
This Rastafari life path becomes our own existence and the regulation of our lives.
We live constantly in a state of birth, whose joy now no longer ends. We live in an eternal beginning that flows undisturbed along the lines of time.
We are children and parents at the same time.

With our very life experience Ian’I generate awareness of the blessings that this life brings and manifest the righteousness that helps to live better. Every word pronounced in spirit and overstanding is a new birth for Ian’I and for the listeners too.
When Ian’ I Rastafari speak and a new brother or sister sights the faith because of our humble but instrumental words, then we contributed to birth.
trough our work and commitment in that moment the Almighty make possible for the seed that is planted in every human being to sprout and become a wonderful flower.
Ian’I can be simple vessels, humble intermediaries always ready to recognize the birth in every moment. Ready to see the new heartical way and the new life that reign over evil and death.

We spiritually rejoice as parents who every day see their son being born.
In observing the triumph of the Kingdom of God, Ian’I hearts are filled and manifest flowing joy.
Birth is the maximum fullness of novelty, and novelty is one of the characteristics of God: to be always new, always regenerated, always present but never old.
Ian’I walks in novelty and manifests it in all respects.
Our Father in fact bears a new name, Ian’I prays and speaks a new way, Ian’I read history with a new interpretation, Ian’I relates to the world with a new awareness and have a renovated world view, Ian’I also eat in a new way, Ian’I have a new physical appearance too.
Ian’I live in the fullness of an original novelty … ancient but at the same time always new.

This novelty was revealed to a new people called to bring back Mankind attention to the original people of Creation.

Ian’I are witnesses, interpreters, narrators of the divine joy on Earth, of the constant vital birth that permeates this planet, of the perennial Christmas in which our souls and our bodies live.


Ras Julio