Rastafari Roots and Culture tours to Ethiopia

Rastafari Roots and Culture tours to Ethiopia

Greetings Family!

Rastaites is glad to introduce the “Rastafari Roots & Culture Tour” (25 February – 11 March 2017) organized by Ethiopia Experience (TEX), a company specialized in community based tourism and development projects in Ethiopia.

In cooperation with the Rastafari community of Ethiopia TEX organizes tours to explore the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Rastafari faith. Local Rastafari guides will lead travelers along different places that are meaningful for the Rastafari movement and offer explanations from historical and contemporary context. Furthermore they will introduce the guests to the local Rastafari community, a small but dedicated and highly spiritual group of people that have come from all corners of the world to settle in what they call the ‘Holy Land’.

The guests can engage with them in conversation and for example join in meditation sessions and moments of prayer. Cultural excursions and personal encounters are combined with visits to sites of natural beauty and of cultural-historic significance. The tours offers the guests a meaningful and authentic introduction with Ethiopia from the context of the Rastafari movement and Reggae music.

Ethiopia is a very important place for the Rastafari Movement and the international Reggae music scene. It is the birthplace of His Majesty Haile Selassie I and up to today Ethiopia carries His spiritual and cultural legacy.

The “Rastafari Roots & Culture Tour”  is for anyone who is interested in the Rastafari movement in Ethiopia. The tours are fit for people who already have profound connections with the Rastafari faith and are looking for spiritual deepening and elaboration of their knowledge, but also people who are only remotely familiar with the concepts of Rastafari (trough Reggae music for example) and are curious about it. The guides will adept to the level of understanding and personal interests of each individual guest.

Next Rastafari travel program in Ethiopia will take place from 25 February until 11 March 2017. Departure is guaranteed on 25 February 2017. TEX will travel with a small group with visitors from different parts of the world, and the tour will be guided by Rastafarians from Ethiopia.  Ras Ibi and Ras Fitsum will take the lead, and others will join them. 

There are still places available. You can find the itinerary and prices in the attachment.

Next planned tours are:

23 July 2017: H.I.M’s Earthday

2 November 2017: H.I.M’s Coronation Day

February 2018: In combination with King Shiloh Sessions on a sound they will build themselves in Zion! Massive!

Please have a look at the video and read the booklet … don’t hesitate to contact TEX for  more information.

Give thanks!!

Info: Jos Wesemann – The Ethiopia Xperience (TEX) www.ethiopia-xperience.com  mail:jos@ethiopia-xperience.com

Phone NL: +31642274229 Phone ETH: +251944246536

TEX Feb2017
TEX Feb2017
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