Rastafari family worlwide

Rastafari family worlwide

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    Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Qedamawi Haile Selassie and Her Imperial Majesty Emaye Empress Menen

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    To send news & reasoning including feedforward on items from the Ites Zine send us an e-mail at this address. News & Reasoning  for inclusion in the Ites Zine must be relevant to the Ras Tafari family or upholding the cause of African liberation, reparations & repatriation etc. Relevant photographs may also be added. In line with the Code of Conduct no news will be published that causes "abuse, slander or disgrace any Rastafari, brethren or sistren or others in public places either through the Printed Press, Radio, Television or the Internet". News about reggae music, artists etc will not be published. Please contact websites that specialise in reggae to post.



    To send Ras Tafari events, music events, cultural events please check the listings to see if events or links have already been added before contacting I. To send events for listing please contact us at this address and include flyers and details. 

    Ras Tafari events: this category includes Ilabrations and other events to Ilabrate Ras Tafari livity such as concerts, family days etc. Please also type details as this makes it easier to add. Reports and photographs from Ras Tafari events can be sent to be added to the Ites Zine.

    Music events: to be published must be in the following categories: Nyahbinghi, reggae, roots, steppas, & dub. Events that feature other styles even if they include the above will not be added (unless for example one room is exclusively reggae). Some charitable events which are mostly reggae may be added.
    Rasta Ites reserves the right not to promote artists whose lyrics degrade women, are sexually explicit, promote violence in any form eg. glorifying gun and knife crime and/or break the Rastafari Code of Conduct.

    Cultural events: these include family events, cinema, theatre, supplementary schools etc. and should be relevant to the Ras Tafari and African family or to conscious reggae as above. Please send details of events including flyers as attachments (preferably in .jpg or .pdf format). Please also type details in the email as this makes it easier to add.



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