Rastafari family worlwide

Rastafari family worlwide

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Event Information:

  • Sat

    Screening: Shashamane followed by Q&A

    1 pm - 4 pm@the Maa Maat Centre, 366A High Rd, London N17 9HT

    Fundraising event , an opportunity to explore the themes of the UN International Decade for People of African Descent, Recognition, Justice, Development through the documentary film Shashamane and support two worthy organisations: The Maa Maat Centre and IDPAD Coalition UK.

    The film gives a poignant insight into this unique community through interviews with its members. The themes of the UN Decade resonate through their life-stories.

    "The Rastafari movement represents a signal transformation in the psyche and vision of 'new-world' Africans. Redemption is its core value: re-creation of African morality, pride and lifestyle in a world of gross materialism (Babylon).

    Shashamane land in south-eastern Ethiopia is an iconic outpost of Rastafari from the Diaspora. The community comprises returnees from the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe, who have trekked to the 'Promised Land', asserting their sovereign right to repatriate to the Mother Africa.

    Their struggles, triumphs, hopes and aspirations speak volumes for the search and recovery of African nationhood."

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