RCU Constituzion documant

RCU Constituzion documant

Hail H.I.M. Emperor Rastafari I,

I rejoice in thisa ime,as it shows that what was promises truly is gwana forward as spank the terrible the forces of demons in all fronts. Da call fe global reasoning fe all Rastafari Immunity with a view unite the family in the main land – Ethiopia, in the shores – seas and diasporas – the islands and anywhere in the universe in order to unleash the undefeatable mighty warriors of Rastafari in thisa imes.

The global call reasoning led the Rastas ina Thekwini to start reasoning on the matters that need I’nI to make what was prophesised to be realised, when all the weak hearted people think there is no other alternative besides the Brutish queendom that is prophesised to perish in the face of the Earth. The Thekwini Rastas conducted a series of sessions to come-up with ways and means to art this challenging mammoth task that is left with each and every I’n I that is truly committed to achieve this goal. After all these sessions it was resolved to form Rastafari Centralisation Unity fe initing all Rastafari Immunity members in various Mansions, members and all organisation/ institutions, as part of centralization. The centralization has been and still a blazing topic in thisa imes because the Ethiopians them getting ready to destroy the Babylon world uncompromisingly.

The Thekwini Rastas them participated in the global reasoning, as I’n I sent delegates and the R.C.U. is part and parcel of such reorganisation of the Ethiopians over the land and sea. The Rastas reasoned that even I’n I works are disturbed by the lack of guiding document such as the Constituzion in order to execute the judgement effectively without any partiality. I’n I selected warriors to draft the path of revolution that will unite all Rastas in the same irits as I’n I prophet Mosiah Garvey. Imember that him Garvey united all the rejected souls in the Universe, so in the same old much fe total emancipation. The First Document of the Constituzion was announced on the 1st April 2007 at the Elders Council Session and open fe all Rastafari Family for improvement and eventually adopted as the document that can be worthy to used to guide I’n I to reach Zion as promised. This Constituzion came in as Rastas don’t have a common guiding document towards the establishment of I’n I government thisa imes.

The vision is that I’n I can work as the unit in various places at the same time guided by: ONE JAH, ONE AIM; ONE DESTINY” to ensure the spread of righteous ness cover the Universe as the waters covers the oceans. Therefore, what I ‘n I need is to love one another earnestly and truly in order to achieve thisa mission. The Constituzion is arted in such manner that everyone were-were can fit themselves with the structures of the Ivernment not organisation. In addition, the current Pioneers of the Global Reasoning can champion the inclusion of all current activities or structures from around the globe into One World fe Theocratic Order as it used to be ina ancient imes. So, this is the appeal to all committed children of Emperor Selassie I to work in one accord and share I ‘n I commitment in achieving of salvaging the race under fire.

I ‘n I thisa Constituzion is not final but the workind document that can be improved to reach the desired state. Chant without tangible works is the vanity to I ‘n I liberation and that cannot be acceptable in thisa imes especially as I ‘n I yada towards Ethiopian Millennium.

Ethiopians the race of the fortunate ones as I’n I have wonderstrong Councilor and shepherd that will never I’n I gwana astray in thisa imes. Since, the Ivernment Constituzion has been declared ina Thekwini, the attitude of some people whom them call themself Rasta changed to a state of not being Rasta and I’n I wonder whether is the experience of ‘wolves in the lambs cote’. Nevertheless, none nor road block can stop Ethiopians in mastering them liberation now. ETHIOPIA SHALL PREVAIL FROM THE ASHES SHALL ARISE A NEW NATION AND WARRIORS SHALL ARISE AND SEIZE THE MOMENT FE THEOCRATIC CHANGE. The imes is vanaway I’n I lets arise, shine and stand firm in the longest march the race ever embarked since the beginning, through ancient Moses, through Red Sea and vanaway.

More ises, more fire, more luv and more inity than fafore.

On behalf of the Elders Council


Ras Yada

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