A reasoning from Ras Kefentse

A reasoning from Ras Kefentse

Greetings in the Names of Their Imperial MAJESTIES Emperor Haile Selassie 1, Empress Wolete Menen I Conquering Lions of Ethiopia/Universe RA/MUT of Iration.

Greetings Sistrens and brethrens

We hope that this communication finds each one of the I’s in good health. It is very sad to note that one of InI elder elders have passed forward to InI ancestors, Bro Mortimo Planno. It is very clear that he done a great work whilst he was on this planet and in this dimansion, he managed to achieve a great deal not only for himself but also for Ras Tafari sons and daughters, who today find themselves cannot even work with each other. Is the saddest part sistrens and brethrens, it is very clear that certain people should not be around or near certain developments as these people , sometimes are blind deaf an dumb no to know that they things they do, the actions they take or not take is the real irony of InI shituation in Vatican cities in the Diaspora a lot of people claim that they are of Ras Tafari yet practice and promote negativity, which then disrupt other genuine ones from having the opportunity to make their contributions..

His Imperial Majesty says that : when an individual goes about his work in a negative manner , and carried and behaves themselves in a polluted way, not only will people they encounter consider them negative, but the nation they come from, on the other hand when a one carried themselves in a positive and upfull manner, the people they encounter will not only think good of them but also the nation which they came from.

What does this statement mean to a one personally, and how can a one personally take responsibility for my action/s lessons have been learnt BY YOU ALL from is it correct. How can InI say InI are InI sisters and InI brothers keepers when through their willful and hypocritical actions create conditions which undermines InI all, yet NOTHING is Done, No action is taken.. Think about it for a moment if InI ancestors took that approach then none of InI would probably be here today.. .. Lets give thanks and praises to InI ancestors who have guided InI all the way and continues to guide InI Now.. Stay blessed.. My beautiful sisters and my beautiful brothers who are maintaining their livity. despite temptations and illusions.

In the spirit of MAAT Peace and Love to one and all.
Ras Kefentse