Release of “Rasta Heart: a journey into One Love”

Release of “Rasta Heart: a journey into One Love”

ONE LOVE PRESS is pleased to announce the release of an exciting new book, “RASTA HEART: A JOURNEY INTO ONE LOVE,” on Rastas, Bob Marley and Jamaica. You can order the book or read it free on-line or at The site also includes pictures and quotes from many of the Rastas featured in the book.

FROM THE BACK COVER: “Riveting… An incredible adventure that reveals the true essence of Rasta!” Dr. Dennis Forsythe author of “Rastafarians: The Healing of the Nations.” Since his passing in 1981, Bob Marley’s music, like tribal drumming, has been sending out a message of love and freedom for all humanity. Twenty years later, Julia and Robert Roskind traveled to Jamaica to learn more about Rastafari-the people and philosophy that inspired his music. Their life-changing odyssey through the towns, villages and mountains of this beautiful island, revealed not only the Rasta way of life but an ancient mystery as well. “RASTA HEART” is truly a journey into One Love.

FEBRUARY 2-10, 2002: Healing of the Nation: Book Intro in Jamaica During Bob Marley’s Birthday Week. During this time we will be in Jamaica introducing the book. We will be appearing in the press, at resorts and hopefully at some of the live concerts. We will be asking all Jamaicans to join us this year in making Bob Marley’s words a reality by transforming their past hatreds and resentments into present loves, as much as they are able.

JUNE 14-18, 2002: Tall Ships: Healing of The Nations Ceremony: The Americas’ Sail ’02 Tall Ships Event, featuring the old large-mast sailing ships, will be held in Montego Bay and Port Antonio in 2002 and will draw the international press. We will introduce the book internationally that weekend in Port Antonio. We have told the Tall Ship committee that while they are in Port Antonio honoring the civilization that built those ships, the same civilization that enslaved the Maroons, we will be ten miles away in the mountains honoring the slaves that these ships brought over. We have invited them to join us in a “One Love Healing of the Nations Ceremony” where the Tall Ship crews and the descendants of the slaves will come together and ask for forgiveness and healing. This would complete the One Love that Nanny said Maroons must show toward the English. After a ceremony with African drumming and dancing in Moore Town, we plan to march down to Tichfield Fort in Port Antonio and light a healing bonfire with the tall ships anchored behind us in the port.

Robert Roskind