Report from African Unity Concert in Shashemane

Report from African Unity Concert in Shashemane

Tenastalign!  Greetings of Love  Rastafari

How good and how pleasant it is to write this short report on the first African Unity Concert to be held in Shashamene at the Bob Marley Stadium last weekend. Members of the African Union came and were representing many African Countries, The Rastafari mansions and Houses also came together and provided speeches and musical entertainment for the crowds of people present. Awassa and Shashamene Kebele and Officials were also united and Iman was fortunate to be Working that day with I bredrin Afrikan Simba and Maveric from 3 dimensional roots who are now doing plentiful works here in Ethiopia since Millennium started.

The whole event and after party at The Majestic Rift Valley was all well received by Ethiopians and really unified Africa in the homeland where in 1963 HIM Haile Selassie I set the stone for African Unity.

I can also announce with great pleasure the opening of the Addis Ababa branch of 12 Tribes of Israel being lead and ran by HIH Zere Yaqob Asfa Wossen Selassie I the grandson of Haile Selassie I.  It has just opened and is meeting weekly on Sundays around Addis members houses. Long live Crown Prince Zere Yaqob. Long Live the 12 tribes of Israel.

Well Iman fortunate to leave outta Ingland years ago now but Iman really have to encourage all Rasses to come home. Do not delay. The waiting game is part of the brain drain and shitsystem , come and see what you need first hand for yourselves. Do not be fooled by what the singers and players of music are chanting about here. Believe so many of them are just hot air and all talk nuff never reach. Why them have so much dollars and tour everywhere but Ethiopia? Really only certain bonafide I man love fe play now after seeing the lack of interest them artist have for Africa and Ethiopia in particular. Luciano and Mikey General Big Up nuff love for them bredrin dat mi fortunate enough to work with this year out here. Marley family more love – seen. Andrew Tosh too. Afrikan Simba and Mavric 3 dimensional roots, Tenastelin and Prince Livi JAH more love.
Do not live the illusion. Live the reality. JAH Bless

Bro Simeon Tafari 
Addis Ababa+Shashamene