Report from the Coronation Ises in Western Massachusetts

Report from the Coronation Ises in Western Massachusetts

Bless-ed life and love to the collective family of RASTAFARI

This sis is itinually giving thanks and praises to HIM for breath as it is HE that create InI and not InI ourselves.

It was a sunday afternoon in western Massachusetts, briskly cold and invigorating. InI walked into the grange and was overcome by an aura of peace. All around were idren and sistren bright with ethiopian clothing and wraps and youth all over the place. Binghi was represented, ttoi was represented, ewf was represented, bobo was represented. A true vibration of Inity for the Coronation Ises of HIM EMPEROR HAILE SELASSIE I on November 2, 2003.

Songs of praises were being played in the background by a bobo idren and slowly everyone began to gather in the main auditorium. The air was made sweet with the perfume of flowers, candles were lit, images of HIM were here and there. The lights went out and the drummers started, the chants began. InI irit said whoooooooosh, as this was exactly the food for irit that InI had been craving. Chants, reading of psalms, speakers, and a vibration of love for HIM that InI have not seen in a very long time. A video slide show was constantly flashed on the screen. A compilation done by two of the idren there, very professional. Drummers played through entirety of program and InI gave thanks for that as it the drums that move InI to InI inner ites. In general, InI think the presentation was beyond compare. The idrens and sistrens of the collective did a most wonderful job of getting the program together and there was a unification of Irit between them that InI could physically feel. The whole thing was crisp crisp crisp. Afterwards a meal was served downstairs and everyone fellowshipped in a way that made InI think of the ises in the islands. After the program everyone stayed to help clean up and again InI was very much impressed with the WM collective. This sis was more than happy to be a part of the gathering and InI hope to one day trod there again to be renewed of irit. I give a huge big up to western massachusetts and a massive amount of love from InI to the idren and sistren there.

Let HIM be praised. Everytime!

Haile I Selassie I
Sis Irijah