Report of HIH Ermias Sahle Selassie & Queen Mother MOSES Liberation Time

Report of HIH Ermias Sahle Selassie & Queen Mother MOSES Liberation Time

What: The Oldest Christian Institution An Imperial Dynasty Older than the Christian Church A Modern Antique African Liberation Celebration Launch of THE MULTICULTURAL OUTREACH PROGRAM for Social Integration by St Mary’s Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in a Taste of Ethiopia for African Liberation in Tampa Florida with the Empress of Zion Tampa Chapter.

When: Saturday, May 23rd in Tampa, Florida

Who: Keynote Speaker His Imperial Highness: HIH Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie, President of the Ethiopian Crown Council

Guest Speaker: Rev Dr. Marcia O. Stewart, the Queen Mother MOSES, President, Empress of Zion, Inc.

Introduction: An enchanting evening filled with sacred music, ancient artifacts, royalty and sons and daughters of Ethiopia, the Diaspora, the Christian Faith and wider American populace. It was truly a sight to behold: the exhibits of uniquely Ethiopian silver jewelry, clothing, books, artifacts, coffee, spices, teff, beautiful and charming traditional coffee pots. Then there was the mixing and mingling while full-joying a glass of tej, the Ethiopian honey wine or sampling the sambusa appetizer–and yet the program had not yet started.


The inner dinner hall was just as exotically decorated as the outer sanctum with Ethiopian arts and culture when the traditional Ethiopian singers and female drummer took the stage to open the dinner with the playing of the Zema. The sacred music of Ethiopia’s chant tradition, was invented by Saint Yared, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church saint whose feast day is 11 Genbot (May 19). Born in the city of Axum, Saint Yared created five volumes of chants linking the spiritual with the musical for church services and celebrations after gaining musical insight from interaction with three birds colored red, golden yellow and green, the color of the ancient Ethiopian flag.
Ato Fassil, was the MC and introduced and thanked Father Ed Henley of the St Mark Episcopal Church for hosting the St. Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Church fund-raising and launch of a Multi-Culrual Outreach Program. Father Henley relayed the story of the events connecting him to Kes Berhanu, the Founder of the St Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Church, a former young deacon under Emperor Haile Selassie, who had been put on a death list by the former Mengistu dergue socialist regime. Father Henley spoke lovingly of his long friendship with Kes Berhanu before a Traditional Ethiopian ballad singer sang and played the Masinko, a one-string Ethiopian violin. Guests were also treated to Classical and Modern Ethiopian music while dining on fine Ethiopian Cuisine.

His Imperial Highness HIH Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie, President, Ethiopian Crown Council, was introduced and gave a short speech giving thanks for the Honor of being present and the continuing support being given.

After the Silent Auction, Kes Berhanu introduced Queen Mother MOSES as the Reverend Dr. Marcia Stewart. The Queen Mother emphasized the importance of the event on the eve of the 46th anniversary of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), now celebrated globally as Afrika Day; the role of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie and the unbroken dynasty of the Davidic-Solomonic Monarchy whose flag with the Conquering Lion continue to be flown high globally by sons and daughters of Rastafari. She also gave praises to the Most High and emphasized that HIH Ermias and his twin sons were living proof that there shall never fall short a King to sit on the Ancient Davidic Throne of Solomon and His Greater Grand Son Haile Selassie I!

Everyone left with a spiritual feeling of fulfillment, especially the members of the Rastafari Faith, the Empress of Zion (EOZ) Secretariat and its Tampa Chapter members who had the honor of being photographed with HIH Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie (photos attached thanks to Sister Ahna, EOZ Tampa Chapter). Many blessings is due to Sister Fikerte, EOZ Tampa Chapter President for the continuing collaboration of EOZ and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Jamaica and Tampa.


Submitted by:

Dr. Marcia o. Stewart, the Queen Mother MOSES, CEO, President EOZ, Inc