Report from the Rastafari All Mansion Indigenous Repatriation Gathering

Report from the Rastafari All Mansion Indigenous Repatriation Gathering


The Illa Gathering of the Indigenous Ras Tafari Repatriation Presidential Anniversary, on October 27, 2013 at the U.W.I Social Science Lecture Theatre Mona Campus Jamaica, was an advance momentous, historic milestone for the Ras Tafari Movement in Jamaica and the Global Ras Tafari Family.

The occasion was the anniversary for the galvanizing and solidifying the Ancients of the Ras Tafari Movement decision, of the electing and inaugurating of the Ras Tafari President, Ras Miguel Collins AKA Sizzla Kalonji, for a one voice Representation to deal with the state matter of Repatriation Now. The event was organize and hosted by the Ancient Council of the Ras Tafari Movement, and attended by Representatives from the Nyahbinghi Theocracy Ancient Order, The Ethiopian African Black International Congress, The Twelve Tribes of Israel, The Royal Ethiopian Judah Coptic Church, The Haile Sellassie I School of Visions, The Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, The Coptic Rite Church and Company Ltd, The UNIA, The Orthodox Church, The Alexander Bedward Church and The Kumina Community.


The procession commence at 9am with the Registration and placing of armbands on everyone that entered the Lecture Theatre at the U.W.I. The Nyahbinghi Order lead out with the Nyahbinghi Ises chanting choruses
1) RasTafari Know what this Gathering for
2) IanI trodding home to Zion
3) Rise and shine Ethiopians
4) 400 Billion Black Man
5) I am a volunteer Ethiopian
6) Send one mighty ingel for his children living in exile
7) Dem afi move
8) Only with a clean hands and pure in heart shall see Fari
9) Babylon cast I in the fire and I never get burn

Then the Armageddon seal with the First Prayer from the Nyahbinghi High Priest Bongo Ivinn, Second prayer from the Haile Selassie I School of Vision Priest Fagan, Third prayer from the Ethiopia Royal Judah Coptic Church Priest Kelly, Forth prayer from The Ethiopian African Black International Congress, Priest Jessie, Fifth prayer from the Nyahbinghi Priestess Mama Enid, Sixth prayer from the Alexander Bedward Church and the seventh prayer from the Orthodox Church Deacon Brissett.

SPEECH OF HIS MAJESTY by the President.

Revelation 5 from the prophecy was read and a speech from His Majesty Haile Selassie I the first was read by the President on Spirituality.

OPENING REMARKS BY the Ancient Council chair, Bongo Wake I

The Chair Man of the Ancient Council then gave an opening Remark where he emphasize on the most creative issue that took place among the Ras Tafari Movement in the eighty odd years since the movement began in Jamaica, where the Nyahbinghi High Priest George Ions and the Nyahbinghi ancients have open up the Presidential Office of The Ras Tafari Movement by the electing and inauguration of Miguel Collins as the Ras Tafari President to deal with the Ras Tafari nations issue on repatriation. He made reference to the Ethiopian anthem making mention,” to send I&I a son to lead “which I&I see as no other than Sizzla Kalonji. This is not coming from curiosity, he noted that the decision made by the ancients as the custodian of this faith, is not one of human wisdom but rather the ancients decision is made from the Ivine illa Irites of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Hail Selassie I the first…Sizzla Kalonji has been accepted in the west and Africa and given the greatest collateral in Africa, which is land and I&I support him Physically and spiritually. He further noted that for 30 years now there are things going among the movement that is not accounted for, he said that Jah Lloyd was the first youth in the sixties given permission by the ancients to represent the congregation of the RasTafari family; at first he was doing well by consulting with the ancients and congregation in whatever he was doing, but after a while he got hotheaded and became self therefore selfish, so I&I the ancients wrote a letter to the Gleaner to gazette him that Jah Lloyd was no more representing the ancients and congregation. He went under ground for 25 years and came out only in the centenary and made himself visible. Then Ras Ivy was next to take up the ancients administration as youth, at first he was doing well by showing all communications and being accounted to the ancients and congregation, but all of a sudden I&I have seen, he is not working for the congregation but for himself, family, friends, colleagues, and cwobs. The reason why he separated himself from the ancient council because the President ask for accountability, transparency and documentation … so there will have to be a separation from the Jamaican mentality because this is about repatriation from the west, and the only leader I&I seen round here now is Kalonji because he is got accountability transparency and documentation. In my sealing I am wishing for my President one prefect love and guidance in the Theocracy administration, and I know the I is real because the work the I have been doing among the RasTafari Family.


“Greetings in the name of Most High, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellassie I the first, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Ilect of himself and light of this world. It is truly an honor and a great pleasure to welcome you all here in an atmosphere of pure love and togetherness for this Sabsabawa Kidus ( Holy Gathering), and I must say how wonderful it is to be addressing this Royal Audience gathered here today.

My name is Miguel Orlando Collins and I’m from the Community of August Town, I’ve been a member of the Nyahbinghi Order Theocracy Reign, the Bobo Shanty E.A.B.I.C., and the Haile Sellassie I Jah RasTafari Royal Ethiopian Judah Coptic Church, for more than a decade now. Based on the concerted effort and tireless years of hard work by my Ancestors and Elders, was what really inspired me to be the person I am today, and the true-cause of our liberal struggle that has motivated me in the sense to be the voice of the Ras Tafari Nation. I am a Graduate of the Dunoon Park Technical High School, I’ve studied math, English, Architect, Mechanical Engineering, and all the other Science subjects, and in addition to that I’ve studied four of our ancient languages, Hebrew, Amharic, Geez, and Twi. I am also an experience recording Artist known as Sizzla Kalonji, the musical Ambassador for the Community of August Town, and the First Royal Crown Prince of the Royal Chirano Throne in Ghana and pioneer for the Repatriation move back to Africa. I have long lived and practiced the Ras Tafari Melchezideck Nyahbinghi Order for the spiritual authority and administration of the Throne of our Emperor H.I.M.

This year is certainly a turning point in my life because I represent you, all known and unknown, you are the source of my strength the reservoir to my knowledge of being, the Theocratic President of your beautiful Black Nation, and seeing you all being seated here in such Glory entices me to do more, as your smiles and eyes are as bright as the stars of Africa. Please allow me to thank you for being here for such cause, and again I thank you for your patience listening and rap attention. With the powers and Authorities vested in me, may I now acknowledge and Introduce to you our Royal family amidst us for the records: The Theocracy Reign Order of the Nyahbinghi, The Ethiopian Tewadeda Orthodox Church, The Ethiopian African Black International Congress, the Haile Sellassie I Jah Ras Tafari Royal Ethiopian Judah Coptic Church, The Haile Sellassie I School of Vision, The Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, The Coptic Rite Church and Company LTD., The Ethiopian World Federation, The Twelve Tribe of Israel, The Alexander Bedward Church , The UNIA, The Maroon Secretariat, The Kumina Community, and all their respectful guests once more a warm welcome.”

This All Mansion Meetings was first initiated by the Nyahbinghi Ancient Council on October 21, with a three lights solemn Nyahbinghi chant to solidify this effort, for the purpose of Repatriation, at 40 August Town Rd. Judgment Yard hosted by I, Ras Miguel Collins, which led to the erection of a Nyahbinghi Tabernacle at the said address. On the 28th December 2006 the Nyahbinghi Ancient Council addressed I with a letter of instruction for the further calling of the Family to put in place an All Mansion Secretariat to deal with the matter of Repatriation as a priority in accordance with the 1983 Ras Tafari International Conference first point of the 22 points resolution, which states that an all Mansion secretariat must be set up, to deal with the matter of Repatriation asa priority. The Nyahbinghi Ancient Council after seeing that I was invited to attend Africa, met with various African Leaders with the cause of Repatriation, and further more the Paramount Chief was brought here by I&I to have reasoning with the Ras Tafari Family. These factual development and other issues like my continual consistency in my immediate work among the Ras Tafari Family locally and internationally over the years, has been the impetus that cause the Ancient Council to elect me on the 21st September 2012, as the President and Pioneer for the Repatriation movement for the African Diaspora who so desire to return to Africa. This Election was open up for the wider Ras Tafari Collective in the inauguration of the President October 21st, 2012 at the Lion Club Old Harbor St Catherine.

Now one year later for this anniversary of my Presidential inauguration we’ve convene The Ras Tafari Indigenous All Mansion Repatriation Gathering to be annex to an even wider section of our Indigenous family and chose to merge the wider family to our Presidential office of the Ras Tafari Government with the paramount Importance of presiding over matters concerning the welfare, wellbeing and the return of the African people scattered all over the world, who so desire to return to Africa. As we are aware that in order to achieve any progress the Government must function on behalf of the people, for this reason my office has been looking into the existing structures already in place that needs to be more effectively implemented to bring about more practical development for the people. This is the reason our office has been researching the position achieved within the United Nation for the Ras Tafari Government. We have seen where since November 1996 the Ras Tafari Family has been recognize by the UN as the International Ras Tafari Development Society, functioning through our Iloved Brother Spear, with a registered Entity call Africa Hall. Since 1998 we’ve also seen where the C.R.O (Caribbean Ras Tafari Organization), has been functioning as liaison Organization to the AU and UN for the Ras Tafari Community in the Caribbean without any account or report to the family in Jamaica. We must therefore unite and pacify all matters of interest and integrate the Indigenous Mansions in this Sabsabawa Kidus for the way forward in clarity. Thanks you.


Greetings with blessings to our Royal brothers and sisters, gathered here today, in the name of our Ivine Majesty Hail Sellassie I the first. It is most important that we gather here today in one accord in these times as now, when we need to address the most current conditions facing I&I in this struggle to liberate ourselves from the oppressions that continue to confront us now over 4 hundred years since our ancestors were brought here as slaves. I would love to take this opportunity to introduce myself : I am Linford Whyte AKA Ras Junior Negus as your humble servant for the sake of trying to bring about accountability to the work the Ras Tafari Movement has been embarked on, in terms of organize and centralize for the purpose of Repatriation.

I am one of the few Ilect of records of the Ras Tafari Movement even since 1999; I have been documenting my works as the Secretary ofthe Nyahbinghi Order. My very first official appointment to a duty, among the Nyahbinghi Ras Tafari Movement was in 1996, in Spanish Town I was Ilected as the security for the Youth Council, this brought me to pay keen attention and interest to what was happening in the administration of the Movement. In 2003 I was the Secretary for the Ras Tafari Global Reasoning right here on this University Campus; I was mandated during that event, as the Chairman for the Panel Organize, Centralize and networking, as I continue in that field since, to give an account of the Movements’ Organizing and Centralizing in one accord.

I am not here to give account of the work I have done and doing but to let you that I am a consistent worker in the Movement of RasTafari, who have gathered some experience and knowledge within this line of work, that could bring about some confidence that the mission we are on, since the time the first set of slaves wanted to return to Africa in 1515, has not been infiltrated by agents to change the course of our mission as there as been so many over the years.

This effort we are now making in this generation is a genuine and honest attempt by our Ras Tafari ancient council, who has the best interest of our culture, as the vanguard and custodians, when they present to you a President that has taken up the mantle of Repatriation with our motto “one for all, all for one working in this manner there can be no failure.” Therefore it is most essential that you are all here today, for the sake of transparency and corporation so that we can approach this African Liberation century in one accord.

We must always be aware of the ones who claim they represent us as a people for the sake of our Liberation; therefore we seek more interactions with those who represent. We can not have people saying they represent us as a movement, even of our Indigenous Mansions that we do not know whether through the organization they represent or among the people in general, instead we hear of Committees, Councils and Commissions claiming to represent us that we are not aware of. This will allow room for agents with private desire to infiltrate and set off course the mandate that I&I as a people is seeking.

For example we see today where the Research and Report so call done by the University in 1960, recently since this year as been revealed by Professor Robert Hill as fraud and a betrayal not only to the intellects but mostly to the Ras Tafari Movement, being deceived from then and continue with the same after effects today to the Nation on a whole. We are not prepared today as a people to wait another 50 years to address the things that are happening to our movement or wait for one from the very same accused, to confess before we see things that continue to betray our cause. Therefore we look into these organization that claim to represent us, as you will see clearly that these organizations that operates without proper accountability and transparency are the very ones aiming to deal with only the Monetary aspects of our Movement. First let’s look into the Reparation Commission set up by the Government of Jamaica, where our Prime Minister Stated Clearly that she will not be addressing any Reparation issues to her sovereign head the Queen of England. Then how is it, there is a Reparation Commission set up by the same colonial state with the same University who dealt us such a blow in 1960 being the Chair and leading force of such Commission. Further we have documented prove from the Reparation Committee formed in 2001, where their written proposal as to what they seek reparation for; are 1) IS the PAYING OFF of all debts owed to The IMF, 2) that reparation money be used to rebuild all the government institutions then 3) for Rases to seek out how much it will cost for their Repatriation. IT is plain to see that after the first two things there could hardly be any money left for I&I to even run a census to find out how many wants Repatriation never mind to finance our return plus resettlement. Further we seen in the Sunday Gleaner where it was declared that what happen with the Mau Mau recently acclaimed reparation in Kenya ,was a sham by the British Government who are now using the very same law firm to deal with our Reparation commission here today. We also seen where the Queens 20 million pounds that she paid out to her slave masters in 1838 to free the slaves off the plantations, is the very same attempt being made by this Reparation Commission to pay off the slave masters again in this modern era without the slaves or their descendants been address.

The members of this commission are : Chairperson Prof. Verene Sheppard, Mr. Bert Samuels, Lord Gifford, Dr. Knife, Dr. Jahlani , Ms Marisa Benain, Mr. Michael Holgate, Mrs. Donna Parchment brown, Mr. Robert Miller, Mr. Maurice McCurdy, Ms, Mitzie Williams and Ms McFarlane. From this list you can see that those who are the professionals heading the list, is from the University, even though we don’t see Minister Mike Henry name there, he is one of the leading force behind this Reparation movement. At the end of that list we see Ms Mitsy Williams who apparently was appointed chair of the Millennium Council after the death of the previous two chairs. No one knows who are the executives from the Millennium Council, who are members of any of the Ras Tafari mansions here in Jamaica. Sis Maxine Stowe who is the main and top executive (International Consultant) of the M.C. does not even reside in Jamaica, none of the existing Ras Tafari mansions are aware of whom this sister Maxine Stowe really is. The M.C was defunct from 2009 from the time Ras Howie decided to operate without the participation of the ancients and representatives from the various mansions who were suppose to be registered, instead all those registered under the M.C .does not belong to any of the RasTafari Mansions here in Jamaica. Still they continue to function with the Lawyer Marcus Goof for the fight for Ras Tafari intellectual Rights, to suite the office of JamPro where he is now working in. Now we see Ms Mitsy name on the list of the Reparation Commission to be representing M.C. for I&I inthe attempt to mislead Reparation for monetary gain, for the Colonial state of Jamaica. Next we have the Coral Garden Committee in Montego Bay led by Ras Hyavee, who has removed all the foundation executives of that committee to replace them with his own syndicate, Ras Flako and Ras Igee who are from Montego Bay as Chair and Secretary of the Coral Garden Committee was removed by Ras Hyavee for asking too many question, even the treasurer Bongo Manny was remove to suit his kind of one man operation without accountability. This committee is dealing with another Reparation monetary movement, in this case to seek out monetary Reparation for the atrocities that the Ras Tafari movement faces in Jamaica, even more so for the incident in 1963 down there in Montego Bay. This Coral Garden Committee has got very many outstanding events and projects unaccounted for, for example the last two Coral Garden Events held in Mobay 2012 and 2013 and the CD project that is on sale. Their must be accountability and Transparency to the Ancients in terms of how are the ancients being benefited from this Committee. This is not an attempt to scandal or belittle anyone, but with the Presidential movement by the ancients of our culture, that is now taking place among the African Diaspora at large, every administration on behalf of our people the President shall know of it both local and International, working with the ancients and the people in general. This is why I&I must share with you all what’s being transpired in terms of administration on our behalf. This way ones can be aware, that actions by anyone, who administrate on behalf of the family, will be accounted for, and cases where it is plain to see that there is a criminal intent, prosecution will take place by our Government. For too long now ones have been doing things on behalf of the family without any real concern for the care of the family. We have seen where umbrella organization has been put in place, by individuals for the past 15 years operating as the Ras Tafari Caribbean Organization, including Jamaica without any report on their activities to the family here in Jamaica, yet this organization has been accessing monetary assistance from the UN on our behalf .These kinds of administration will have to cease abruptly if we are going to progress as a family. We see where these kinds of individuals are now in ratrace in Africa trying to enter the forum of the AU without proper authorization. In this Gathering which is one in many to come will be the forum for you the Royal Ethiopian Family, the Ancients of this culture and our Presidential Office to interact, so you may have the chance to be apart of your affairs by knowing who, when and what you are being represented in, and just what, where and when you wish to be represented. Through the Powers of the Illa Trinity Haile Sellassie I the first, conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Bless and Thank you all.”

The High Priest Bongo Roy from The Coptic Rite Church and Company Ltd coming late was ask to give a word of prayer.

REPARATION By the President

“For all the heinous genocide, brutal, inhumane atrocities that is even against the Almighty Creator that has brought against us as the African People , through the transatlantic slave trade. The African must now be recompense. Our mother land the Continent Africa was attacked, raided, raped, robbed and striped of their human, spiritual and natural resources. Our Palaces Temple, Churches, Universities, , Pyramids, Provinces, and villages was gruesomely burned., Our Books Templets, languages, artifacts, transcripts, Scrolls, Tablets, Golden Crowns, Churchical garments , Golden utensils, and millions more that memory might not recall now, but has been recorded, was looted and taken away by the Colonial Masters who are now this so call present day world Government. Millions of Africans were rounded up chained, shackled, separated from their families and cruelly and hastily shipped off to the western world as slaves to build their western present day empire. Trillions were place in copper mine, Gold mines, Bauxites and all the other mines that you could have imagine, that would have gigantically increase their economy. Trillions of Africans in shackles and chains guarded by dogs and vicious bucky masters on horses with Kata nines, sibble jacks, and rifles were forced to cultivate banana, cotton, sugarcane, coffee, chocolate, rice, spices, coconuts, apples, cattlery, and fishery. We were placed on exhibitions to be auction off to the highest slave bidders.

Our Bibles and sacred documents, was translated and place back into these places of education institutions and schools under the disguise of their satanic philosophy. Our sacred order of chanting and uniting were even copied to bring about their cults, lodge and satanic Masonic order to subdue I&I in splintered groups. Those who rebelled and could not withstand the pressure were killed tortured thrown overboard in the ocean and others thrown in crocodile Swamps.

Now is the time for the Blackman to rise and stand on his own feet and defend his family and the whole world of black people. Now is the time for the Blackman to look out of his own Ethiopian Spectacles and see that we must return home to Africa by any means necessary through the powers of the Most High Emperor Haile Sellassie I the first.

Therefore , we the royal Indigenous Ras Tafari all Mansion Repatriation authorities’ Assemble perceive Reparation as an obligatory act that these slave masters must repair the damage done to Africa and her people: By the returning of our people whose ancestors were forcefully brought here in the west as slaves against their will, to return the artifacts that were stolen now on display in Museums all over the world, to rebuild the continent of Africa who was rob of her human resources causing such delay in their development as a continent as a people and as a Nation, to build new model cities for the repatriates, Transportation for the journey back home to Africa, to build hospitals, Dams for better irrigation, building of factories, training centers , Stadiums, airports , gas stations, malls and all that is needed as basic necessities for the Africans. The Government of Africa with the Jamaican Government must now make themselves prepared to deal with the practicality of Repatriation with Reparation. We been ready since the first day we all land here.

We will not stop agitating for our rights to return to Africa until all African subjects are returned and Babylon cities shall be desolate. We call upon the world of Governments through the United Nation, the AU, the Pan African parliament, Caricom and the International Courts of Justice to settle all these outstanding Matters.


PRESENTATION FROM E.A.B.I.C BOBOSHANTY PRIEST SHIMRON: stating clearly that Emanuel was the champion on the frontline in the agitation for Repatriation and Reparation . He said Emanuel said we don’t want any Reparation in Jamaica without Repatriation. Repatriation first then Reparation after.

QUESTION AND ANSWERS First question from the assembly…

Question 1) Should any King who speaks against any other king be charge for treason?

PRESIDENT ANSWER : Everyone is entitle to freedom of speech and opinion and this is why we have this Indigenous gathering so that we can hear your voice and listen to your concerns so if there are differences between our brothers we can deal with it and put it aside because we have more important matters to deal with concerning Repatriation. So if your brother speaks against you that is not a crime and if you are not doing well then your brothers will criticize.

Question 2) Seeing that the President represent the head of the Ras Tafari Government we are waiting for him to put in place all the necessary office of the Government to be effective, In terms of the Reparation Commission we must be aware that reparation is a once in a life time settlement, we must not talk but set up a situation to deal with them before they make an error. What plans does the President have to deal with them because they will be meeting with the Lawyers soon within hour within the movement of the sun. These lawyers are sons of them that done the atrocity, Is the President ready to put on injunction on them this reparation matter must be taken to the people of Jamaica and taught in public forum in the schools on what Reparation is. I am prepared to go and lecture, not Dr. Knife or Jahlani or Vereen I ask the President again what does he intend to do on this matter.?

PRESIDENT ANSWER : Once again as stated in our guidelines that the ancients are the custodian of our culture repatriation I&I is aware that Reparation is not a hands out, this is why we have this gathering so that we can reason on the matter then the ancients will make that decision then the President will make the action, Yes we will have to put an injunction on this because those who are representing does not represent any of the Mansions of the Indigenous people here, So base on the decision from this assembly with the ancients we will carry out the decision made intelligently and politely.

Question 3) Daughter Dean shown her concern about Tuesday Sabbath and Saturday Sabbath and why is it that one set of ancients saying Saturday and another set not supporting the Tuesday Sabbath.?

President answer. Six days shall thou work and rest on the seventh this is why there is a seventh day Sabbath. Concerning the Tuesday Sabbath you must know that we are in a different hemisphere, this is the western hemisphere and we’ve been brain wash, our scrolls and bibles have been translated to please our western colonel masters you must also be aware that the Gregorian calendar as swayed you away from the original pathway of giving praises to the Most High so therefore anyday could be a Sabbath day.

Question 4) “What are your plans to deal with repatriation for the people to go home and how are they going to deal with the One World Order when the Microchip is unleashed on us?

PRESIDENT ANSWER: On Repatriation Unity is strength we need to unite our resources our souls hearts and spiritual strength. Repatriation is not a hands out. We need to have one voice representing us and with that one voice comes with streams of authority from all the mansions of His Imperial Majesty. In dealing with these matters the solutions are there in our choruses , hymns, in our bibles and prophecies. We were brought here in the phangs of hell and seen where it is affecting us as a people and if we don’t get together and reason our way out then it make no sense. In order to escape the new world order the mark of the beast we must all agitate for repatriation to leave this barren land and go home to mama Africa. Personally I seen the micro chip as grave concern and we need to increase in our agriculture, if we cannot feed our selves then we not going to last long. We need that willingness to till the soil, I seen where we don’t like to put our hands in the soil .We need to cultivate the land on which we resides, this is the first way to counteract the new world order. We need to have dialogues with African Government to make preparation for us returning as a people . We should not leave the matter on the President or the Priest but working together as a motivated family with that zeal. The Priest of the mansion need to come together and discharge the protocol of the mansions, but you are splintered and bickering cause you to be even more separated from each other, so we need to unite and go to this present government of this land Jamaica and to make sure that we get results from them and our administrators. Its still makes no sense planting the land, contracting buildings round here for our comforts and not making the preparation in Africa. So all the scholars and think tanks need to come together, not only on the Sabbath of the 23rd of july or 2nd November then we leave and don’t see each other again until next celebration, the services are good but only repeating ourselves what we need to do is to do things for ourselves. We need to unite and face the Government of Jamaica. This is the reason we’ve convene this gathering so that you the governing and authorities body can make the decisions now, if you turn aside you will have other organization representing you in a malicious way so we need to address this Prime minister urgently.

LUNCHBREAK RasTafari All Mansion Indigenous Repatriation Gathering( Sabsabawa Kidus)


As we are aware of the renowned mandate set by the Rt Hon. Prince Emanuel the four point agenda towards Repatriation is the course I&I will charter in order to manifest Repatriation. The steps are laid out as follow:

1: The United Nations.

The Government of Jamaica is being asked to put the matter of Repatriation on the Agenda of the General Assembly with reference to Article1 to 13 of the United Nations Charter. As the Governor General did said in a letter to the Ras Tafari Community. That the Question of Repatriation and compensation must be discussed at a Global Level. The matter has been raised at that level, but needs to be championed by a member Government and support lobby from among liked minded member Nations.

2: The International Court of Justice.

Our case has been referred to the ICJ which, while it did not rule out the possibility of hearing the case, required sponsorship of a member state of the UN. Before entertaining our case. We are calling on the Government of Jamaica as a recognized Government and member state of the United Nations to sponsor our International Human Rights case for the fundamental Freedom, Redemption and Repatriation before the International Court of Justice in The Hague

3: The AU

In a letterd ated 1993, the Congress referred the matter to H.E. Salim, Secretary General of the OAU, who is well aware of our proposed agenda, Again however the matter need to be champion by a recognize Government in Order to achieve implementation. The Jamaica Government as an Observer Status to the OAU should request a Country such as Ghana, Lt. Jerry Rawlings, speaking before some 36 Heads of State at the OAU was quoted “We should find a way to include all the sons and daughters of Africa in the building and moving our societies forward. In this respect I would propose that the OAU should consider granting Observer Status to Representatives groups of the Black Africans in the Diaspora. ”Rawlings further called for the OAU Secretary General to work out arrangements to open a way for them to make contributions to our common efforts. Accordingly a specific request should be made through Jamaica’s Observer Status to be granted to the Ras Tafari Community in the oau. Now that the South Africa has anew Black Majority Government and is likely to assume membership in the AU it too can be called upon to support the cause.

4:Queen Elizabeth 11

The Government of Jamaica should make representation to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second to assist with Transport and compensation. The British Monarch has a responsibility to redeem and compensate the descendants of the Black Africans who were sent into slavery by her forbears.


As you can see in the Repatriation agenda point 1. UN, and 2 ICJ are seeking:

For the Jamaica Government is being asked to put the matter of Repatriation on the Agenda of the General Assembly with reference to Article 1 to 13 of the United Nations Charter. Today we can say many request has been made to the Government of Jamaica to coordinate with the Ras Tafari Community as they are a member state of the UN and they have paid no interest to even reason on the Matter. Fortunately I&I since 1996 has become a member state of the UN and have brought this issue to the UN assembly through our presence at the Geneva assembly in 1997 by Bongo Wato and Bongo Spear. They were instructed at the time to make contacts with African leader who would be willing to accommodate such matters. So within the line of such I as the President has been making such contacts in Africa through the Nyahbinghi Order and the EABIC, as a result I have been given lands by the President of Zimbabwe The Hon. Robert Mugabe, likewise I have met with the paramount Chief in Ghana, in South Africa I was recommended by the Jamaican Consulate to receive a portion of land there on behalf of the Ras Tafari Community, I have met with the King of the Shacka Zulu Nation and, African officials concerning Repatriation and they’re very well pleased in seeing us coming home.

So now is the time for the Family and the Government of Jamaica to come in one accord, that we can work towards one direction of resettlement of our people who so desire in Africa. Therefore our Prime minister here needs to work with our mandate of Preparation in Africa for Repatriation, meaning lands already given to us in Africa, others like the Shashamane land grant where we were promise another 500 hectors once the other 500 hectors was utilize, 3000 hectors in Tanzania and other lands given to the EWF and the EABIC in Ghana should be develop with the assistant of the Government to build model cities to accommodate Repatriates.

In terms of the Third point of the Repatriation agenda concerning the AU. There has been recently 2003 where the AU had the First Africa Ministerial Conference on the Diaspora: has requested that their member states take urgent measures to ratify the protocol on the Amendment to the Constitutive Act of the Union, which in article 3q invites the full participation of the Diaspora as an important component in the building of the African Union. This further led the AU announcing of the sixth region of Government in the African Continent which is I&I in the Diaspora now recognized by the Union as a government with our input in the building of the African Union. This therefore is quite an accomplishment for I&I in the west, because now there is a seat prepared for I&I to be seated in the AU and state our concerns with our own voices. This led to our Patriarch Jah Lloyd being accepted in the Pan Africa parliament as representatives for I&I Ras Tafari community in 2004. Since then there has been no transparent follow up to this achievement.

Instead we see the Government of Jamaica doing the opposite things as recently as May 25 when our Hon Prime Minister was invited to the AU 50 jubilee celebration in her speech when she met with the Jamaican Community there was basically telling them that they were Jamaicans and will always have a place here in Jamaica to return to Jamaican Diaspora conferences. Further on the Bobo shanty 4th point of the Repatriation agenda is the Government of Jamaica to seek compensation from the British Queen Elizabeth for all the benefits her country has received from the slave trade and transportation to carry I&I forward to Africa must be provided by her. Instead we see now the Government of Jamaica to which she is the sovereign constitutional head of is seeking Reparation money nothing could be more absurd and insulting to our nations Intelligence. What does our University have to say about this kind of insult to our intelligence? Of course they are the one facilitating these kinds of insults they did it in the 1961 research on the RasTafari Movement now proven by Robert Hill research and now we see where individuals are leading out the Reparation Commission on behalf of the University. So just where can we look to for help in this position we are in? We must look to the Almighty Emperor Hail Sellassie I and the teachings and instructions he has given I&I as the father for the African Liberation Struggle for Unity. We must look into the Philosophies of the Hon. Marcus Garvey on nation building, and we must look to our Honorable Priest of Salem the Hon. Prince Emanuel human rights champion with his four point agenda for Repatriation out of these turbulent times and situation we have been in for over 400 years now.

We the African families of Ras Tafari are very optimistic about having one voice to represent us as a Nation and people of Ethiopia Africa towards Repatriation through the UN with our Observe rStatus, the AU, the Pan African Parliament and the Jamaican Government. Ever since the colonial Slave masters have strategize the coop against our Emperor Haile Sellassie I the first in 1974, there has been a bit of disturbance in our Kingdom and our Nations’ affairs. We the black people in the Diaspora are the children of the Royal beloved and blessed bloodlines of our African Kings and Queens. Our elders are the vanguards and custodians of our faith and culture, and it’s their solemn oath to discharge their duties of the offices in maintaining the principles, precepts and cultural morals of the Throne,T emples, Tabernacles and people of Africa. We are set steadfast on our journey to dispel all myths , correct all the wrongs and chase away the illusions of the minds that Africa don’t exist and its impossible to return home, but I must say, it is not impossible to return home to Africa, [Repatriation is a must].

We are gathered here today as respectable persons, indigenous sovereigns, representing a cause, and that cause is Freedom Redemption Black International Repatriation for all Black people in the world (Diaspora). We ask for your help, strength, knowledge, wise mind, continued support and perfect understanding in coming together to aid and assist the Most High, the Conquering Lion of the Tribe Judah in saving our people and preparing a safe way home to Africa. If the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do. The church is one Foundation. Our presence here today is evidently, for the purpose of establishing the Ras Tafari Nation and to further solidifies ourselves as the true and Royal Indigenous Africans Representatives for the Government of Ras Tafari, so as to fulfill the Emperors’ words, Organize and Centralize, as to put our differences aside coming together as one people in order to save our children from the phangs of hell and this modern-day slavery system. As a people of African blood we need to be in close relations, communication, service and often meetings. We need to circumvent our culture and spiritual system to be apart of each others lives and interrelate in order to be of any effect in this Diaspora. As Indigenous people of the African bloodlines it is of paramount importance that we best keep a bond of love among ourselves as to fuse the unity that can be of some light to us as a people, Africa and the World. WE need to find that first love in our hearts to administrate in truth, love, honesty and justice with accountability to bring about transparency to the throne and the world of black people.

Ever since the existence of the Universe the Most High had well planned for us the beauties of his creation, therefore the Universe is mental and we all need to meditate on the words of Jah in our prayers and chanting while on our way to greatness. With all the injustices, Genocides, chastisements and plaques of the negative satanic system upon us, we are forced to succumb to the inhospitable and inhumane treatment of the Colonial Leaders and as one should know that slavery still exist as before but now in a psychological and technical form. We need to leave Babylon now and I say NOW. We’ve read the papers listen to the radios and observed lots of meetings concerning our return home to Africa and we are still in the irits of patience for the fruitition of such effort. One of our very blessed and beloved Father, the Rt Hon. Marcus Garvey, once said I quote ” Africa for the Africans those at home and us abroad. It is a very thoughtful speech and we as the legitimate representative of the Government of Ras Tafari needs to be more forceful towards these matters.

From the time of Bak a Wall up until now, we’ve sent ample letters to the leaders of the respectable Government of Jamaica, through the EABIC, the Royal Judah Coptic Church which was and still is the Assemble of Elders today, and the Theocracy reign Order of the Nyahbinghi, which are the churches of Ras Tafari. Some of which have been answered only to mark acknowledgement of letters being received, but not to take any responsibilities of returning the black sons and daughters of Africa back to Ethiopia our heavenly Home. We’ve been directed to the Prime Ministers office for such matters to be dealt with, and we are yet waiting a response from such respectable office of the Slave Masters Government of Jamaica. We seek an audience with the Prime Minister and the Ras Tafari Council of Ancients of our Nation, to speed up the process of making preparation with the Government of Africa, the UN, the Government of Jamaica and all those who are involved and have benefited from the transatlantic slave trade to deal with the matter of Repatriation.

Repatriation is our main focus annexed to the returning of all that were stolen from Africa through the process of Reparation we anxiously await the new development of our Continent Africa. The road is long and rough we’ve lost a lot of love one’s on this journey but we shall overcome because no bad deedg oes unpunished. We shall bring Africa to the front with the saving strength, of each other and the power of the Almighty King Sellassie I. Jah Ras Tafari.

UN COVENANT: for ratification was presented by the Secretary Ras Jr. Negus and refered to the fourth Sunday Ancient Council Meetings for ratification when different mansions representatives will be informed and be invited.


1) THE KUMINA PRESENTATION: By Bro. Parick:Malame putunto, Ma lame to the people inside I am saying how de do Bro. Miguel it is nice and pleasant to be here. I want to say we come here to endorse this and endorse it to the fullest right now I am feeling overwhelm to see that there are ones who is thinking the same thing I am thinking Manners and respect to you all.

Bro Nickolas: Kumina isa Traditional art form that is a very rich aspect of our culture. We are base in St. Thomas and I hope this gathering could come and experience some of it. It is something to embrace it is coming straight out of Africa we have not added or subtracted anything from it. It is very good to be here.

2) ROYAL ETHIOPIAN JUDAH COPTIC CHURCH: Priest Kelly started out by Giving thanks to everyone at the gathering and His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I the first, then asking the question did we the Ethiopian people after Emancipation write these two books that Babylon give us One is the King James Version Bible and the other the Dictionary. I&I use this book to send us a little further in the darkness of Rome. The dictionary dem say fe use to under stand the alphabets and English words. For example the word 1838 emancipation is in there do we really know the meaning of emancipation? Let’s go little further in to 1962 independence where Queen step out of this Island and take down her union jack flag with the last governor Sir Kenneth Blackburn. Have we ever checked the definition for Independence in the Island? These two mulatto one name Alexander Clark called Busta Manty where Busta was the man that burn down camp Murphy after seeing where the American had the Jamaicans there in subjugation him burn down the sugar cane field in the United State and they had him in incarceration there. Now Alexander Clark coming from Spain heard of this man Busta Manty and impersonate the name when him come to Jamaica to deceive the Slaves of the Cane field and Banana field. So him and him family Norman Manley organizes a ting call we two hold them tight. Hold who?. 1962 they give us a motto saying “ out of many one people, check on you hand you will see out of this many came the Malata the jews, the Syrian and the Chinese representing the four fingers where is the Negro man he is the thumb you see how far him is from the four. All these people in the Jamaican Island who has become the children of the Slave masters they are the inheritors for what our ancestors work for, they are the ones become Jamaica private investors, manufacturers association. Cut a long story short. We now in Jamaica the time come for us to leave here and go home to Africa because we work already and we don’t get any compensation from them cause when them get the money them turn into industrial revolution to keep here. Lev 25 veers 8 how long was this bible given unto us Sis Dean mention a Sabbath reason six year shall you work and the seven year shall be the Sabbath. A jubilee shall be the 50th year and proclaim liberty shall return all. These 50 years was in 2012 since independence. We the Judah Coptic Church has written to the Queen of England and she said we are to take it up with these people out here we the four who are holding the Blackman in slavery. Now is the time for repatriation we must take it up with The governor General and these political heads who are the Jews the Syrian the malato and the Chinese are holding us back it is not England holding us back it is these people out here , So we have to demand from them our repatriation our rights from these political religious fanatics. When we a celebrate 50 she a celebrate 70 diamond jubilee showing how long since she sit down in we out here. We must be free from these political puppets in the Caribbean Now it the time to break the walls of no return in Ghana like how the Berlin walls was broken down. Give thanks.

3) The Imperial Ethiopian World Federation (IEWF) Ras Freedom represent the center Fox: Greeting in the name of HIM. It is good to be here to day seeing that the movement has issues that we af to deal with. The Ras Tafari community is at a cross road. From 1974 the Ras Tafari Government in Ethiopia has been overthrown and His Majesty Family in exile been in exile 27 years but we are in exile longer than that as the Ras Tafari people struggle to realize what is happening in Ethiopia today. I&I as a people as to struggle to be free in this country Jamaica to Identify ourselves as a people, so we have to be religious and political when I say religious in serving our God Hail Selassie I . And when we talk about God we speaking about a mythical God but our sovereign God the liberator who protect the suffering people. Today in this time of history the Church of Hail Selassie I has been legally recognize within the Jamaican parliament as a corporation of the church so it is a milestone for Ras Tafari, Because over the years Ras Tafari didn’t have a way to legally bless their children or marry, baptize and bury because now we have a cathedral, From 1936 when His majesty gave to us the IEWF he stated in the preamble that anything that hinder us politically religious or socially we must use it as a viecle. Since 1974 the Government of Ethiopia has been overthrown and since then it is been controlled by all types of people from Menquestou to Zenawie. We as RasTafarians are just like in the days of Moses going around now for 40 years in the wilderness. We have to find a direction now which is religiously and politically. 1962 they had made a recommendation that that we as Ras Tafari people should have proper housing and proper schooling up until today those things are not accomplished. So we as Ras Tafari must work within that direction and use the institutions His Majesty gave to us which are legally. Today the church of Hail Selassie I the first represent 72 Prisons in the United States of America. To day we must know that Repatriation is abbreviated until the liberation and restoration of the Monarchy of Ethiopia. In Palestine the people fight for less than this, they fight for a piece if land, in 1974 they overthrow our God and King and our God trod within Axum and make a long journey and leave it on us to take up the struggle. The struggle is not jus Ital food Reggae music and colors and those thing, the struggle is a serious thing, today in Ethiopia the flag is not the green gold and red with the lion in it. Today we as RasTafari has to stand up and seek the right direction and unite Organize and centralize, that we should have been doing from a longer time organize and centralize around the struggle to free Ethiopia so that we can have in our life time repatriation cause we cant have a Repatriation without the restoration of the Monarchy of Emperor Hail Selassie I It has to be a Government to Government representation so we have to get ourselves in order as one. Jah RasTafari Emperor Hail Selassie I the first give thanks.

4) HAILSELASSIE SCHOOL OF VISION PRIEST FAGAN: Jah RasTafari first of all I must give thanks to the Theocracy reign order and Ras Sizzla for his invitation. I also want to say publicly on behalf of the Hail Selassie I School of Vision that I&I endorse the brethren Sizzla in his pursuit in his presidential capacity. And why do I say so is because of the brethrens’ ability academically, intellectually and also because this brethren is basing his credibility on accountability and Transparency. That means to say that if you are criminally incline and you don’t mean His Majesty’s business good then it doesn’t make sense you amalgamate or associate yourself with the Brethren. So we don’t want to cut down this young Tree because the Lord calls upon those youth because they are strong. We also want to give recognition to the brethren at this time for his expenditure toward his majesty work, when I say expenditure I mean is no guy who is giving the brethren money but rather he is using his own funds to facilitate I&I that want Repatriation. So we want to recognize that. We want to also say is about time we look into ourselves and realize that instead of seeking to degrade that which is good we must uplift it, many have tried over the years but from my perspective and point of view this brethren here so far has achieved a great deal for us rather you have heard of the brethren exploits going to different parts in Africa with the land grants and so forth which he has gotten, aspect one. I know the time is short but there was a question address to the President earlier about the Micro chip that I want to address it briefly because many of us are still asleep why do I say so When you look at how we are still maintain retained and ruled in Jamaica it is two aspect Politically and churchically from the captive point of view. When you look at the politics, poly should mean many and obliviously tics are parasites so really the politicians can not really work for I. Churchically I could not speak for the churches in Jamaica because I&I don’t praise Jesus. I am seeking not to distress or disrespect when I say I don’t praise Jesus, you have to realize that there is a change in the cycle meaning from the shackles of the hands and the feet, they say emancipation and independence but when you evaluate emancipation for me there could not be any meaningful emancipation without the argument of redress which means to give I&I something for I&I development and obviously because we have been denied this redress which is the righteous reparation or help you find our situation as black people in a disadvantage state as we are today which mean we never get nothing . The chineyman come as a commercial man , the Indian come as an indentured slave and the white man come as the captain so when you join all three of them have progress economically while I&I remain stagnated. So where we are now we are now in the era of the GPS which means Global Position Satellite. So we look now for a new world order to be declared many of you may not realize but when we say a new world order, it is not fictitiously done, we are speaking of a shadow Government through the auspices of that same crocodile Government that invaded Africa and took us away now the President say four hundred and seventy nine years and they are still in control in a neocolonize state. When I say neocolonize state the politician does not properly represent I and neither can the church give I spiritual freedom. So where are we now? We are now in Revelation 13 verse sixteen and I am very sorry because if you speak not in accordance with the prophecy that means you are not with the truth so when you put away the bible incidentally you are found putting away the compass. Because the compass is saying now in Revelation 13 verse 16 that say and he caused all whether you large or small rich or poor free or bond to receive a mark in the forehead and you won’t be able to buy or sell. But for you now who is without the compass have you not realize that most recently we have had upon us a TRN a tax registration number, without this number you can not do anything meaningful. So now some big boys by the pyramids I speak orus Isis and Ra, if you are into this symbolic heights of reason there are some guys who now have a great plan for us, this little TRN will be moved away very shortly I can not say exactly what year but I am very doubtful that the next four years will pass before the TRN will be trust aside and we are called upon to have a micro bio chip .The reason for this micro biochip the size of a rice grain through a minor injection in the body. They will tell you can forget your trn number it could be lost but if you have in your body an irretrievable device which is the chip it will be more accessible for you. For example you realize now that the JUTC bus is calling for cashless and if you don’t have a smart card that leads to a micro chip you will not be able to access the utilization of the transportation system you wont be able to shop in the super markets you wont be able to make any money transaction through the money gram system etc. So we say now that there is a danger the President spoke of also of a society known as the compass and the square though he did not sayt hat there is an illuminate conspiracy for world enslavement. World enslavement mean once you are injected with this micro chip and it will be by 2016 to 2017 it means you can not put it down at any time and you will be access at anytime. I now speak as a society now for fifteen years in the Blue Mountains that will help even you when this mark is upon you and if you desire to come there I will help you in the name of Emperor Haile Selassie I the first. Glory be to words glory be to sound and glory be to the power of Emperor Hail Selassie I the first who alone is king of kings Lord of Lords conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah might of the Holy Trinity Ilect of God and light of this world plus defender of I&I Christian faith Jah RasTafari.

5) Ancient Council Bongo Rainbow Give thanks for today Today is the greatest day and within the time frame I just want to make two points and leave the rest behind I give thanks to my family who are here the President, Priest, chairman and all the family of Ras Tafari. We have to address the King Brother Bob Marley and Empress Rita Marley for the works wish they have done for the RasTafari movement. Bob Marley will be the new saint of the land and his wife Sis Rita Marley.


The President made an apology to the mansions that did not get the time to make a presentation then recited Psalms 133, Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethrens and Sistrens to dwell together in unity. It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard : that went down to the skirts of his garments; As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion; for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore. then delivered:


With His Majesty Emperor Haile King Sellassie I the first, as Titular head of State/ Church, the ancients as Vanguards/ Custodians and as respectful representatives of our Indigenous Mansions, we are now seated as the Governing body and head of Ras Tafari Government for the affairs of the RasTafari Nation. Therefore, through the Ivine inspiration of our everliving King of Kings Haile Sellassie I the first, I&I pray that he will give to I&I the Ivine meditation and directives to go about to go about our daily duties in regards to our mission of total liberation from all colonial spells and influences, that causes our people physical and mental slavery, for over 400 years now.

The time of deliverance is now, starting in the Year of the 50th Jubilee for the Unity of Africa, has left I&I no other choice than to come together, and forge the way forward together as one African People with Africans at home and Africans in the Diapora. This call for a wider unification, and that’s why we as the immediate African family in Jamaica must show our selves in one Order, that the Office of the Theocracy President can give a full and unbiased representation to the African Family on a whole, in terms of the AU, Caricom, the PanAfrican Parliament, all the way to the United Nations.

Therefore on behalf of this Royal Family gathered here today I&I will have the full authority in taking a firm responsibility, to make the legal representation in going about putting in place the administration it require to manifest our total Liberation and Repatriation for the Black people to leave out of the west before it is too late. I&I continue to work and pray with your prayers that our mission will bring about a speedy Redemption. Thank You.


The President then ask for a round of applause for those in attendance and apology for those in absence: The Nyahbinghi Family with 89 in attendance, The Haile Selassie I School of Vision with 24 in attendance, The UNIA with 2 in attendance, The Ethiopian World Federation with 2 in attendance, The EAIBC Bobo Shanty with 19 in attendance, The Judah Coptic Right Church and company Limited with 8 in attendance, The Royal Ethiopian Judah Coptic Church with 2 in attendance, The Imperial Ethiopian Federation with 5 in attendance, The Alexander Bedward Church with 6 in attendance, The Kumina Family with 13 in attendance, The International Human Rights with 2 in attendance and 20 Visitors.

He then apologies for the Maroon absence to which he the President as the crown Prince of the Chirona Tribes do represent in good faith further apology for the absence of the Howellites ,the Revivalist and the International Peace Makers and the 3jr

2 security guards Professors and the Principal for granting this lovely Venue for the accession Ground Security 9 reps from the community of August Town, 3 camera personnel, 7 persons preparing your lunch in the Kitchen, Transportation 8 drivers, Engineers 2 individuals with 7 assistants with 4 added staff 4 runners


The President then recited Psalms 1 in reverence in our conclusion thanks to the almighty and to you all for coming here to be a part of your own Repatriation affairs please give yourselves a round applause.

And you should know that this Royal assembly that was first initiated by the Nyahbinghi ancients council on October 2006, that is why we gathered here today will work as the Sabsabawa Kidus and continue to do its work to manifest its duties with the advice of the ancients and and this Assembly itself will put an injunction on the presumptuous individuals and Organizations who are making a bad road for us and as the Authoritive body of the Indigenous all mansion assembly for the RasTafari Nation, we shall stick together and unite ourselves and continue to seek out our way forward towards our redemption through our Jah given Knowledge and wise mind with love and humility as we are not ourselves but of those who we respectfully represent. How amicable is thy Tabernacle oh Most High I profusely give thee all thy praise. We will not allow those with the bad deeds of cruel attitudes to over throw us, we are confident in the victory of good over evil. Quote from HIM. Righteousness exalted a Nation , sin is a reproach unto anyone. Once again we have come to the conclusion of this Sabsabawa Kidus I must say it is bless and our follow up will be the 83rd coronation celebration at the venue of Scott Pass as you should all know that Scott Pass is owned and bought by our beloved brother Bob Marley and was given to the Rastafari family accordingly to our research done so let us give a an applause to Our Bob Marley and Sis Rita Marley and last but not least let us have a big shout out to the Most High Emperor Haile Selassie I Jah Ras Tafari. As President of the RasTafari Nation I would like to say thank you all once again and for the hard work that has been done by our RasTafari ancients we promise you as your inheritance sons and daughters that we will not put it to waste as we are aware the ancients tend to fuss about a lot of things reason being we are still on the slave plantation and as the constitution states that the Islands belong to the Empire of Ethiopia. Haile the I the Father and also the Mother the wife of our Father, Empress Mennen and all the Empresses here today who are representing Bless you all. Give thanks .

Sis Charmine then gave thanks to Sizzla Mother and Father for bringing him in this world and give thanks for the work he was doing and ask that ones continue to support him in his work. She then presented a poem on Africa.


One Perfect Love was then chant then the Ethiopian Anthem with the sealing salute from the Nyahbinghi High Priest Bongo Ivinn.