Sad News of Baba’s passing | Shashamane’s firstborn youth

Sad News of Baba’s passing | Shashamane’s firstborn youth

Greetings of love, Selassie I

It is sad to write and inform of Shashamane first born son Mamuch known lovingly as Baba, the son of Twelve Tribes elder Bro Flippins Reuben. He was a crucial person in JRDC School where he taught and also within the community because of his excellent language skills speaking Orimi- Fa and also Amharic & English. Being baptised Orthodox meant he was able to receive a large funeral plot and in 40 days time a tribute will be placed on top of the grave.

Sister T and I wish to express our sincere condolences to Bro Flippins and Sister Yvonne (Dinah) and all the children. As we were with them at the time of the passing we shall forever carry the memory of Baba with love in our meditations. The turn out for the funeral was more than ever seem before and all tribes and houses were together. Different mourning behaviour by both sides were observed and respected and a sense of community was felt.

Blessed love to each and everyone and Jah guidance on our goings out and our comings in.


Bro  Simeon Tafari 
Addis Ababa