The Rastafari Chronicles – South Africa 1996

The Rastafari Chronicles – South Africa 1996

Welcome to The Rastafari Chronicles, a series of articles, utterances, links from the archives of Rastafari history. This is an encouragement to all Rastafari worldwide to revive memories of InI glorious trod.
Give thanks to ones and ones for helping to uplift this initiative, to share and exchange works, greetings, stories, memorabilia, reminiscences, and ephemera of Rastafari. Let InI rise up a thunderous orchestration of Ises to the Majesty and elevation of the Movement.
One perfect love in His Imperial Majesty and Empress Menen.


In November 1996 delegates from Britain and the Caribbean attended the first international gathering of Rastafari in Southern Africa. Following the international assemblies in Ethiopia in 1992 and 1996 the Cape Town accord opened a new seal in terms of direct contact and involvement with brethren and sistren on the continent. The visiting contingent, headed by Rastafari Patriarch Ras Boanerges, was given a royal welcome by the South African community throughout their stay in SA.

IN 1997 a committee co-ordinated by UK-based Rasta Universal Zion (RUZ) was set up to maintain and strengthen the links made with the South African community. Known as the I-nity Committee the steering group comprised UK activists in the international community. The committee’s additional mandate was to organize and centralize Nyahbinghi celebrations in Britain, resulting in the formation of the NNC (Nyahbinghi National Council UK).

The I-nity Committee also successfully coordinated the travel of Jamaican elders Bongo Time and Sister Beryl via Britain to South Africa. This trod was organized in response to the specific request of the South African community for guidance and direction in the traditions and livity of Rastafari. The seriousness of this young massive community was reflected in its projected gatherings covering the next 5 year period.

Shango Baku (Centenary Committee for Rastafari)