Speakers’ Corner @Rastafari In Motion exhibition

Speakers’ Corner @Rastafari In Motion exhibition

CALLING all Houses, Mansions, Elders, Mature ones and Youths of RASTAFARI

Blessings in the Name of His Imperial Majesty and Empress Menen.

Speakers’ Corner, a special feature of the Rastafari In Motion exhibition in Brixton at the Black Cultural Archives, Windrush Square, has ‘open-mic’ slots on Fridays:  July 29August 5,12,19, 26Sept 2nd, for Rastafari Houses or individuals wishing to project aspects of culture, health, faith,  history, personal experience or general commentary. Slots are from 4-6pm on these Fridays.
To take advantage of this opportunity please send brief info giving your name and topic (100 words) to RRL (Rastafari Regal Livity) or BCA (Black Cultural Archives) contacts asap at: onebaku@hotmail.com, or munira@bcaheritage.org.uk

Co-organizers RRL and BCA are offering this opportunity for the Rastafari community to contribute to this ‘living’ exhibition before it ends on 10th September 2016.

Ever giving thanks.

Please spread the word.

Ras Shango Baku