The Lion of Judah roars – Speeches by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I

May His Imperial Majesty grant I&I the wisemind to stand His words and the courage to live up to the ideal livity He has shown I&I.


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  • Dedication of the Prince Makonnen Hospital

    Dedication of the Prince Makonnen Hospital
    It was Our preoccupation that Our son, Prince Makonnen, after he had reached his maturity, would have lived to dedicate his life to the service of Our people.
  • 1961 – Throne speech

    1961 - Throne speech
    You must ensure that in your desire to achieve immediate goals, long-term considerations of equal or greater importance are not ignored or irrevocably prejudiced.
  • Against Apartheid and Racial Discrimination

    Against Apartheid and Racial Discrimination
    Let us take pride in the fact that as free men we attack and abhor racial discrimination on principle, wherever it is found and in whatever guise.
  • The Bible Speech

    The Bible Speech
    For my part I glory in the Bible.
  • The Revised Amharic Bible

    The Revised Amharic Bible
    All the ancient Scriptures were written for Our instruction, in order that through the encouragement they give Us, we may maintain Our hope with fortitude.
  • Opens Ethio-Swedish Clinic

    Opens Ethio-Swedish Clinic
    This clinic is devoted to the preservation and protection of the health and well-being of infants and young children -- those too young, too frail to help themselves.
  • On Public Health (excerpts)

    On Public Health (excerpts)
    We have devoted particular attention to the material and physical well-being of Our people through a programme for public health.
  • His Majesty speaks on leadership

    His Majesty speaks on leadership
    Leaders have to submit themselves to a stricter self-discipline, and develop a more exemplary moral character than is expected of others.
  • End of Ramadan

    End of Ramadan
    God's word is a unifier and a bridge that leads to harmony and peace.
  • Christmas speech to students

    Christmas speech to students
    As a good tree is known by its fruits, so the future of Ethiopia depends on you, the fruits of Our educational system.