The True Millennium

The True Millennium

Meskerem 1 2000 (September 12th 2007) was the first day of the 3rd Millennium. On Pagume 6 1999 (September 11th 2007) Ethiopians all over the world and their friends celebrated New Year’s Eve. For more on the Ethiopian Calendar check the Enkutatash page.


Ras Yada Report from Azania

Hail Rastafari the First and Her Royalness Empress Menen,

Even I ‘n I here ina University fe KwaZulu-Natal eThekwini Campus and Rasta Family ina surroundings indeed declared the Glory fe Jah Rastafari in these perilous days when most hueman race them trust in the false teachings of democracy as the only livity. The ilebration indeed did start and the new beginnings fe the race that experienced all forms of racism, slavery false doctrines, as it was prophesised. Jah in thisa side fe Aethiopia granted His sons and dawtas to stand up and defy the false teachings of papacy and brutish empire and them prophesors that ignore the the teachings fe His Imperial Majesty Emperor Selassie the First and Forever.

Da ilebration revived the lectures fe the Ancient Universal craddle fe Igher knowledge Sankore, as the Priestlical Lectures fed the hungry minds with Solomonic wisdom, as I’n I reveal the prophecy and the works fe ancient Prophet Enoch and the beginnings and counting fe imes and days as from the beginning.

Truly the babylon has fallen and none gona stop I’nI no matter what. Fire burn black and white oppressors in the face of the earth as long as the son endures.

Sista Marydread Report from London

I spent the Millennium eve in London UK. Firstly I forwarded to Brixton to an event organised by the Ethiopian World Federation in Brixton Town Hall, where I had arranged to meet some idrens and also my daughter. The hall was decorated with photos depicting His Imperial Majesty’s reign and artwork depicting the Istory of Ithiopia.

The event started with the singing of the Rastafari Ethiopian World Federation Anthem, followed by the Our Father prayer in English and Amharic. Various speakers then contributed with information about the Millennium and the EWF. I&I joined together in the Marcus Garvey Ileverance Prayer and the Jamaican National Anthem was sung in Amharic. After this Ras Seymour led the audience in some chants accompanied by drumming. See photos here.

There was then an intermission when refreshments in the form of Ethiopian food (Injera, various wat, bread & salad) and fruit salad were served. There was water and fruit juice to drink.

This was to be followed by Ethiopian dancing, still I and I idrens wanted to forward to Trafalgar Square where the Ethiopian community were celebrating so we did not see the rest of the programme.

Trafalgar Square was packed with mostly Ethiopians, Rastafari idrens, and other interested persons. A stage had been set up under Nelson’s Column and various acts performed while we were there and before we arrived. We missed the presentation by the Orthodox Church which was on earlier in the evening. The mood in the Square was jubilant and everybody was really friendly and in high Irits. Midnight in Ethiopia coincided with 10pm in the UK as we are still in BSM (summer time / daylight saving) After the countdown to midnight the crowd went wild and were led in song from the stage where dancers performed under the shelter of the Ethiopian flag. All the Ethiopians in the crowd were singing. I was informed that the words of the song were “Ethiopia our country” and “Proud to be an Ethiopian”. It was incredible and I felt totally rejuvenated and elated.

After wishing Happy New Millennium to my idrens, I left with my sistren and her bredren as I&I had a lengthy journey to reach home. It was strange to leave the square and see the people outside were totally oblivious to what we had just experienced. It was just another evening in Central London to them. As we were making our way out of the square and on the way to the bus stop we exchanged greetings with many Ethiopian people. They were very happy that we were sharing the millennium with them. I still feel elated from the experience and pray that as I&I go forward into the new millennium life will improve for all of I&I especially those ones suffering in Ethiopia and around the world.

Ethiopian World Federation in London – Millennium

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