Themes for “Afrika International Day of Action” for all to promote

Themes for “Afrika International Day of Action” for all to promote

We are highlighting the Rastafari Cultural Calender, with the 100th Year (Centenary) Anniversary of the elevation of Prince Regent in 1916 when he was first given the name “RasTafari”, the name by which the movement is known today.

We will acknowledge the 50th Year (Jubilee) of when His Imperial Majesty left from Ethiopia to visit the Caribbean Islands for the first time to say thank you to Caribbeans who assisted Ethiopia when it was invaded by Italy and to offer medals to individuals.

We celebrate Emancipation and the Independence of Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands from colonialism.

Artists and Performers
Artists, speakers and performer who have not confirmed by 28th July may not be includedin the programme.

Bright Colours!
We are encouraging ones to Bring plenty of bright colours to decorate your Pitch to reflect our upful and vibrant nature at Afrikan people. There may be a prize for the most colourful stall or pitch! Any extra decorations will be most welcome as we will also be decorating the event site.

We hope to see you at the next gathering, please continue to spread the word about the event and invite friends, and family. Remember ALL are invited to the evening event at the Pop Box, Brixton Station Road, from 7pm to Midnight.

More Love and Strength to you.
Events Team and Organisers
Rastafari Movement (UK) CIC Reparations & Repatriation

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