TTRU Motorcade Report

TTRU Motorcade Report

The morning of July 23rd was a bustling scenario as the TTRU camp got prepared for the day’s proceedings, this was the day of the TTRU annual motorcade to commemorate the earthstrong of His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellasie.

Everyone in the camp was up and ready, the children, although half asleep were dressed and ready to go. We awaited the return of the delegation that had gone to the Nyahbinghi tabernacle for the early morning flag raising ceremony. The night before TTRU had visited a Binghi gathering at Egypt village, Point Fortin.

At 9 am, we were on our way to San Fernando for the rendezvous at the Motown pan yard, where we met with members of the Rastafari Cooperation and the Nyahbinghi house of Trinidad and Tobago.Bongo Zacharias led morning ises.

The motorcade left the pan yard in a slow procession onto the San Fernando by-pass, and proceeded toward the South trunk road, which took us thru the village of La Romain, toward Point Fortin. Horns were beeping and lights flashing as the motorcade made its way through the villages along the road, many people came out, waved, and cheered as we drove by. On reaching Point Fortin, the procession circled the downtown area and then forwarded to the yard we had been to the night before at the gathering. We drove along the Erin road toward Siparia, going through the villages of Palo Seco, Santa Flora and Erin arriving at Nyah Hill, Taylor Av. around 2.30 pm.

It was a sight to see as Rastafari Idrens and Sistrens ascended the hill toward the Nyahbinghi tabernacle. At the top of the hill, the yard was decorated very beautifully, the massive log in the fire had been burning for hours before I n I arrived, the smell of ital filled the air as the family greeted and blessed each other. After the wonderful ital meal, we gathered in the tabernacle to give ises and reason.

After we had spent a couple of hours at the tabernacle in Siparia, the motorcade left for the final leg of the trip, the tour of I n I village of Fyzabad. We arrived in Fyzabad amidst waving and cheering as the motorcade passed through the streets of the village, after a couple of stops we proceeded to the TTRU compound where we finished the day with ises led by Bongo Zack, and reasonings by Bongo Sammy, Ras Junior, Ras Jag and Ras Ravin-I.