U DAY festival 2018, “Ethiopia the Land of Origin”

U DAY festival 2018, “Ethiopia the Land of Origin”

U Day Festival is a global spiritual music festival celebrating human unity across all cultures, creeds, colours and counties. Bringing together musicians, artist, spiritual leaders, visionaries and peace activists, U Day is a flagship event of growing prominence promoting a message of positivity, intercultural celebration and inter-faith harmony.

Workshops and cultural activities are combined with musical performances in order to celebrate both the colourful diversity and basic unity among the human family.

U DAY Festival is a not-for-profit event where performers and organisers volunteer their time and talents to participate in something important and uplifting. Funds go to supporting travel costs for international and to the promotion and logistics of the event. Any surplus funds are shared between the performing artists, our local social Partners and further U DAY events.

U DAY Mission is Twofold:
To provide a visible focal point for the interfaith movement through music and the Arts.
To promote universal spiritual values as the basis for a positive future for humanity and our world.

U DAY first began in Thailand in December 2012, and the next event scheduled is in Ethiopia, February 2018.
The theme of the 2018 festival is ‘Land of Origins’ where Ethiopia is presented as the cradle of civilization and a leading nation in terms of religious harmony and interfaith dialogue.

U DAY II: ‘Land of Origins’ is scheduled to take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during the first week of February, 2018.

It is timed to coincide with World Interfaith Harmony Week, and Bob Marley’s birthday.

Many spiritual representatives from different faiths will be present to participate to the program. These will include Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and also Rastafari ambassadors.

Rastafari inspired sound system King Shiloh from Amsterdam will be there in the line up to bring their message of international unity and collective security.

Uday Festival is supported by our Council of Elders coming from a variety of fields including the arts, the interfaith movement, spirituality, social activism and the world unity movement.

U DAY Festival – Unite the Tribes!

More info at www.udayfestival.org