Update on A.M.A. (Ancients Medical Assistance)

Update on A.M.A. (Ancients Medical Assistance)

Greetings Collective,

A $500 strength from the Word Sound Power Collective’s Ancients Medical Assistance Fund has been sent forward to Ethiopia to assist in caring for the medical needs of the Ancients on the land grant.

In Shashamene, Elder Bro Moody has been experiencing some medical issues. This strength will help to assess his current situation and provide needed medical care. The strength will also cover other ongoing medical costs for InI Elders in Ethiopia.

Elders care is of upmost importance in these times. As InI Ancients reach their twilight years, InI must be vigilant in their care.

In order for InI to continue to respond swiftly to Elders’ medical needs, it is important that the Ancients Medical Assistand fund keeps a positive balance. To donate to the AMA fund, visit paypal.com and use wordsoundpowercollective@  hotmail.com as the payee address. Please write AMA Fund in the subject line. Give thanks and praise. Let the aged be protected.