Updates on the Trinity Trod – St. Kitts & Nevis

Updates on the Trinity Trod – St. Kitts & Nevis

Greetings & Blessings in the Name of His Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Blessed Love to one and all.

INI of the House of David in St. Kitts and Solidarity Foundation in St. Martin, would like to inform all Delegates that wish to participate to the upcoming conference in St. Kitts & Nevis from July 20th to 27th, that INI is going onward in setting up and organizing in a proper manner in order to make the TRINTY TROD a ilafull and fruitful gathering.

INI wish to bring to all ones attention what items would be required for ones traveling, and what to keep in mind before reaching St. Kitts: First, in order to make everyone at ease, the Organizing Committee as decided to ask for a participation from all Ilagates (children not included). Each delegates will pay on arrival at the headquarters a registration fee of 40,00 US$ per adult. In return the organizing committee and working members will provide shelter, food & drinks and transportation to all places and venues where the conference will be hosted. The headquarters are located at the Old Road Community Center in St.Kitts, it is comprise of Women and Men separate quarters, both quarters having individual bathing facilities and toilets at disposal, likewise a general kitchen and a main hall are there to accommodate everybody needs. All ones must walk with their personal sheet and pillow; those who are willing have also the opportunity to bring their tents and camp in the Community Center Yard. Nearby at a ten minutes walk from the Head-Quarters, ones could enjoy one of St. Kitts mountain rivers.

Secondly, Ilegates traveling (both children and adults) are entitled to pay a immigration departure tax fee of 22,00 US$ coming out of St.Kitts.

Thirdly, for those travelling to Nevis where the conference will be hosted for one day, a boat fee of 15,00 US$ is required from all ones to go and come back.

Each and everyone being each other keeper, INI expect from all ones to apply to collective rules and regulations required during a gathering of this kind. Sistrens and Empresses having the responsibility of young ones should also walk with necessary items for children personal needs and use. Collective Security still and must always prevail for the benefit of the group.

Anyone requiring more information concerning the Trod and the hosting thereof, feel free to do so and must contact the organizing committee either in St. Kitts – (869) 668 83 93 – or in St. Martin – (590) 690 374 076 –

Until then Blessings, Guidance and Protection to all ones

One Perfect Love

PS : Anyone willing to register their names in advance is gladly welcome to do so (participation fee will be paid on arrival)