Violations of Rastafari rights

Violations of Rastafari rights

Not good news!

Greetings Rastaites family, we are here to report a violation of Rastafari lifestyle and rights. A Rastafari Elder recently admitted to hospital has had his beard removed without the permission or knowledge of his family. Please read below the lawyer’s letter to the hospital. 

Violations of Rastafari rights

April 29th 2020

Linstead Public Hospital

Linstead Attention Mr Paul McIntire

St Catherine

Dear Sir

Re Patient Williams Montgomery

Kindly be advised that we represent Elder William Montgomery Holmes, a78 year old patient of the Linstead Public Hospital who was admitted to your institution on the 26th of April 2020. Upon his admission, a thorough cultural history was recorded by the intake staffer, and specific information was conveyed as it relates to his traditional/faith of Rastafari, as he is an Elder of the Nyahbinghi Order. Furthermore, his diet habits as a vegan was emphasized during the intake process.Our client is a Rastafarian who has, as part of his religious beliefs, does not cut the hair on his head or that of his facial hair. This has been his religious practice since 1963 ,that is for the past 57 years . On Wednesday April 29th 2020, the relatives of Ras Holmes visited him at the hospital and shockingly, his natted beard was removed and the remains left on the side of his bed. More disturbing, some of his cutted beard was in a bag with his belongings. There was no consultation whatsoever with the client or in the alternative with his next of kin prior to the cutting of the beard of our client. The hospital had the contact information of his relatives at all times.The cutting of the beard of our client in the circumstances outlined above; represents a serious and irreparable breach of his constitutional right to practice his religious beliefs. Our client and his family are devastated concerning the deliberate violation of our his rights.We are now seeking to engage with the hospital to have an admission of wrongdoing, an apology on terms to be agreed and damages to be paid for the aforementioned breach of his sacred right to practice his religious beliefs.We are opened to having this matter discussed. I can be reached at 8763832378

Yours Respectfully

Bert Samuels

Attorney at Law

Cc Minister of Health

Cc The Public Defender