Yoruba: a poem

Yoruba: a poem

Yoruba: a poem, celebrating the eternal influence of the Yoruba from Natty Mark

to youth worker, Tolo Makanjuola

Enslaved boy thrown overboard; another black cadaver, in the
Atlantic cemetery. But he remains – he lives.
For they wanted man power, but his fellow captives
brought God power too. On the beach in Bahia,
they celebrate Yemoja.
Yoruba Yoruba.

Lets take a journey then, you and I,
Through Brazil and Venezuela,
To see and hear Macumba;
Yoruba Yoruba.

Into Mexico and Panama,
Honouring the Orishas;
Yoruba Yoruba.

Uruguay and Argentina,
Olorun and Oduduwa;
Yoruba Yoruba.

Puerto Rico and Cuba,
To experience Santeria;
Yoruba Yoruba.

Let’s go to Brazil, you and I,
To the beach in Bahia.
The Festival of Goddess Yemoja;
Yoruba Yoruba.

©Natty Mark Samuels, 2014. African School.