Youth banned from Fulham school for wearing dreadlocks

Youth banned from Fulham school for wearing dreadlocks

Rastafari Greetings ALL

The recent banning of a Rastafari youth from Fulham school for wearing dreadlocks is a rallying point for the Houses and community of Rastafari in the UK, and all conscious  People of African Descent. InI have a combined and unified responsibility to  defend this youth, his family and InI-selves against such blatant and outright discrimination.

I prithee in the Name of His Ivine Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, Jah Rastafari, let InI come to-gather in every way possible to i-municate, support, demon-straight, agitate against this unjust ruling. Let InI voices be heard loud and clear. Let information be shared by ones in the know so that ALL can be involved in condemning, rejecting and overturning this injustice that touches and affects InI ALL in this time.

Spread the W     O       R       D  .

One Blessed and Perfect love.

Rastafari Lives and Reigns.

Give thanks

Shango Baku